Prosciutto Wrapped Loin Tip Roast
  • 3lb loin tip roast (could substitute with other cuts of meat such as tenderloin or a rump roast but the cooking time may change)
  • 7-10 slices prosciutto (depends on the way your roast is shaped, enough to cover the entire top)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 sprigs rosemary
  • 6-10 leaves sage
  • ½ tablespoon walnut or avocado oil (or your favorite cooking oil)
  • Salt and pepper to taste ( I recommend freshly and coarse ground black pepper)
  1. If your roast is refrigerated pull it out ahead of time and let it come to room temperature.
  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  3. Start by pulling off all of the leaves on the sprigs or rosemary and throw the woody part away. (an easy trick is to hold the base of the sprig and grab the end and slide your finger down the opposite way the leaves are facing and that should take care of most of them)
  4. Finely mince garlic and rosemary leaves.
  5. Rub meat with oil thoroughly and then rub with garlic and herb mixture.
  6. Lay meat flat on its most stable side and place the sage leaves carefully all over the roast. (try to spread them out just a little)
  7. Carefully lay the prosciutto slices over the top of the roast covering the sage leaves but not moving them around. Layer the prosciutto so that each edge touches the prosciutto and continues along until the entire top of the roast is covered and draped with prosciutto.
  8. If your familiar with tying a roast I highly recommend tying it. There are certain meat tying techniques you could use but if you don't know any you can simply tie it by cutting individual strands of kitchen twine long enough to go all the way around the roast and wrap it around the roast and tie a not. Not too tight but enough to keep the roast nice and together. Repeat that in an even pattern along the roast and do one more all the way across the length of the roast. ( Be careful when tightening these to not squish or move the prosciutto to much. We want that to try and cover the entire top so you have prosciutto in each slice.
  9. Place meat in a baking dish or casserole dish without the top.
  10. Bake in the oven for 45-60 minutes or until your roast reaches an internal temperature of about 150-160 for medium rare and 170 for medium. (you may want to pull it out at 140 or 145 if you have a really hot oven as it will continue to cook slightly when you pull it out)
  11. Cover with foil and let the roast rest for at least 10 minutes (preferred is 15-20 minutes)
  12. Once roast has rested carve into slices and serve with whatever side you like. (I served mine with roasted asparagus and cauliflower)
Recipe by Slim Palate at