The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook Tour

Joshua Weissman of Slim Palate is going on a book tour for his new newly released cookbook!So I just recently had the release party for my cookbook  and it was a total blast , even though the weather had us make some last second venue changes. Now, just because the release party is over with doesn’t mean that’s the end of the fun, in fact it’s only just beginning. I’m now going on a book tour thanks to all of the wonderfully generous people who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign I put up (thank you guys so much!!!). I’ll be starting the tour off in Texas in various cities such as Houston, Austin and Dallas. I’ll also be touring, the East Coast, and cities in California.

I know that this is a fraction of this country but I’m also planning on touring areas such as Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Illinois. Who knows, in the future I may even stop by Canada or Australia!

*Below you will find all of the specific locations and venues for the book tour. I’ll be updating this page with the RSVP and exact locations as the exact venues are revealed so don’t forget to keep checking this page!*

Joshua Weissman will be at Corner Table in Houston for a book signing March 22nd!

March 22nd: Signing at Corner Table (Houston, TX) 

I’ll be kicking off my book tour in one of my favorite restaurants in Houston, Corner Table. Since there aren’t really any places near me that I’ll eat out at, I will always eat out at Corner Table. Chef Bruce Molzan has a passion for locally sourced and properly grown ingredients, which has also led him to create a completely Paleo menu at the restaurant. He has also developed a special menu just for the book signing with recipes inspired by The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook! RSVP for the signing HERE.

Joshua Weissman will be at Whole Foods Market in Austin for a cooking demo and book signing March 29th!

March 29th: Cooking Demonstration and Book Signing at Whole Foods Market (Austin TX)

Who doesn’t know about Whole Foods humble beginnings in Austin? I’ll be doing a cooking demo and then a book signing at Whole Foods Market in Austin. There will first be a cooking demonstration with a recipe from the book as well as a tasting which will then be followed by a signing where we can chat and talk about food! There will also be giveaways that you will be entered in if you purchase a book there and fun prizes! RSVP is not required but seating is first come first served. Click HERE for the location.

*NOTE ABOUT DALLAS SIGNING – I will be going to Dallas but had to move the date of it to a later time. I will be going to Dallas towards the end of my tour around the end of April or early May. Check back for the updates soon.*


April 25th: Q&A and Book Signing at Guerrilla Fitness CrossFit Morristown (Morristown, NJ)

A while back I was lucky enough to get contacted and invited by Dana of Guerrilla Fitness to speak prior to my books release but I was so caught up with the actual making of my cookbook that I wasn’t able to commit to the event. I’m lucky enough to still have that invitation at the ready for me, which I gladly accepted and now I will be doing a book signing and a Q/A at one of their CrossFit gym locations in Morristown New Jersey.


April 26th: Q&A and Book Signing at Crossfit Hells Kitchen (New York)

I’m going to be heading to New York right after New Jersey and will be doing the same thing as before but at Crossfit Hells Kitchen! Come get your questions answered and your book signed! This event is from 2-3pm.


July 19th: Book Signing & Meet and Greet at Book Passage in The Ferry Building (San Francisco) 

I’ll be at Book Passage in their Ferry location on July 19th at 12:30pm for a book signing and meet and greet! Come and check out the Farmers market and then get your book signed!


July 25th: Book Signing at Pages A Bookstore (Los Angeles CA) 

I’ll be coming to Los Angeles and doing a joint signing with Kelly Brozyna of The Spunky Coconut at Pages: A bookstore at 7pm!

*More events and locations will be added very soon so keep an eye on this page!* 

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    • Slim Palate says

      I will be going to the East coast, I’m just working out the specific locations right now and will have this page updated within the next couple of days.

  1. Brandie Nicole says

    Your story and recipes are fabulous! I’ve only discovered your blog recently and have already made your curry salmon. :)
    Please come to the Chicago suburbs! There’s a Whole Foods in Schaumburg near Woodfield Mall that is always busy!! Ahhh! Please come! You’d fit right in. Congrats on the cookbook and tour! :)

  2. Emma Aceto says

    There is a store called Healthy Living up in Burlington, Vermont. I know my brother would love to see you up there. I of course would love another chance tonged a signed copy as I am out of town the day you have a signing in Houston. Any further dates in the future?

    • Slim Palate says

      Yes emma that sounds fantastic. I will email you about it when the time get’s closer. And yes there will be more dates added to this page very soon. Just working it out with school right now.

  3. Stephanie Fjeld says

    I look forward to seeing you in Portland! You will be coming to Portland, right? 😉 When you do, be sure to check out The Cultured Caveman, a popular paleo food cart. The owners are in the process of trying to open a brick and mortar restaurant. Would be cool if they featured a recipe or two of yours!

  4. Jill Henderson says

    Just bought your cookbook tonight at our Barnes and Noble in Ft. Wayne, IN. Wow! What a fantastic cookbook!!! I just gave a review on Amazon telling people to buy the book. My 18 y.o. daughter has always turned her nose up when I talked Paleo diet. After she saw your cookbook, she is all excited to try making the recipes. You have definitely inspired her to eat better and that is a great thing. I hope you can come to Ft. Wayne, IN on your tour, this is a town that needs to hear your message (and buy your book)!

    • Slim Palate says

      I’m afraid we had to move it due to location problems. I AM still going though so don’t worry. It will be in the month of April. Please check back later, I plan on updating it soon along with places for California and the East Coast.

      • Wild Child says

        Whew! I was afraid you weren’t coming at all. I can wait – very excited to meet you. I’ll keep watching for an update. Thanks for the reply =]

    • Slim Palate says

      We had to move it due to location problems. Don’t worry and please keep an eye on this post, I’m still going to Dallas just sometime later in April. I will update it with a date soon.

  5. arlene says

    Your story is very inspiring!
    I just bought your book for myself and a second copy for my family in VT.
    I second the suggestion of a woman who mentioned you should have a book signing at Healthy Living in Vermont.
    Good luck with your tour!


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