Rogan Josh (Lamb Curry)

Rogan Josh (Lamb Curry) From Slim Palate

No I did not choose to make this because It has my name in it. I’m not that egotistical. Okay, maybe the name gave me a slight push to want to do this recipe. Regardless of my senseless favoritism in choosing recipes, this is probably one of the most difficult dishes I have ever cooked in my entire life. Although, not relating to the actual cooking part. The reason why this was one of the most difficult dishes too cook in my entire life is because it literally took me a week to get it prepared and was an incredible hassle due to ridiculous levels of unluckiness. With that said I don’t want to make a really long post about how I ran all over the place so I’ll explain it shortly. I basically ended up running all over Houston for over 8 hours only to return home empty handed and no lamb to cook due to people “forgetting” things. I know, my worst nightmare, returning home with NO lamb. How terrifying.


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Mashed Cauliflower


Another side dish? How could you josh, how could you post another side dish? Well it was so highly requested that I decided to go ahead and get this recipe up as soon as possible so I hope some people will be joyous about it. Regular, plain, old potatoes can be pretty boring. Granted their great for absorbing flavors but they aren’t a health marvel and don’t contribute much flavor to anything. Not trying to bash potatoes, so don’t worry all of you potato lovers out there. I personally think there needs to be somewhat of a flavor contribution, a subtle one. Cauliflower of course hits this key right on the spot. It’s taste is very subtle but it has a slight sweetness that potatoes do not, which in my opinion really makes a huge difference in the mash.


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Bacon Fat Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Garlic and Thyme

Bacon Fat Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Garlic and Thyme From Slim Palate

Lately I have had quite the abundance of the wonderful gift to the world known as bacon, and it of course make me even happier knowing it’s pastured, sugar free bacon from a local farm.. Well I say abundance, but there isn’t really such a thing as “too much” bacon in your freezer. Due to the mass quantity of bacon I have been cooking it, a lot. If you have cooked bacon before you would know that when your done slaving over the bacon scented radiating pan there is quite a lot of bacon fat left.

First off I need you to stop what you are doing and remove your hand from the pouring motion of the pan. You do not want to throw that stuff away. The smoky, aromatic liquid that resides in your pan is total gold dust and shouldn’t be wasted. Instead strain it into a container and store it in the fridge for a delicious cooking oil.


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Petite Vanilla Bean Scones (Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free)

Petite Vanilla Bean Scones From Slim Palate

For those of you who go to Starbucks or went to Starbucks probably know about their little devils known as Petite Vanilla Bean Scones. Yeah well I’m ashamed to admit it, but I loved those things. I used to eat those like mad and pretty often. Sadly they aren’t made with the best ingredients in the world and aren’t the healthiest but what if they were. Now that was something I had to investigate, I mean come on, how could you not take a look at one of those bad boys and want one. I rarely get cravings, but when I started thinking about these I could smell them already.


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Slow Cooked Corned Beef Brisket and Roasted Cabbage


With St. Patrick’s day on the rise I got a little excited and started to dream about hearty, delicious corned beef. This of course also brought on thoughts of the little Lucy Charms guy with all of his sinister cuteness. He is always running from those kids that just want some lucky charms. Maybe it’s because he knows about refined carbohydrates and unreasonably copious amounts of sugar and actually wants the children to live past the age of 40. It’s a hard life for a little leprechaun just trying to keep deadly mass manufactured “foods” from children.


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Duck Egg Mayonnaise


Pastured eggs are not only a nutritional powerhouse but I think can easily be claimed as one of the most versatile ingredients in any kitchen at any time. Eggs can literally be used for anything and everything. Eggs can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. They are the main ingredient to scrambled eggs, the structure for meatballs, the lift for muffins, the thickener for a sauce, the base for a custard, or the emulsion for a beautiful mayonnaise  Which brings me to my main topic and the star of the show here, duck eggs. Extravagant, beautiful and quite frankly amazing.


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Crispy Skin Salmon


Recently I was asked by the wonderful George Bryant of Civilized Caveman to guest post for him. I screeched like a little girl of course and gladly accepted. Turns out that he is actually one of the sweetest human beings I have ever had spoken to in my life. So be sure to show him some love from me.He wanted a recipe that had fish in it and I knew right away what I wanted to post. If you want to check out the recipe and post you can check it out over at Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.

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Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer Giveaway!

So I noticed quite the interest in anything that I used zucchini noodles in. Specifically how to make them,well my secret is behind the Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer, and I absolutely love my it. In fact I love it  so much I decided to give one away. That way some lucky winner can finally have one of these awesome kitchen utensils that I not only love but use all the time. There are just so many crazy things you can do with this besides making zucchini noodles, although zucchini noodles are awesome, you can make noodles out of practically anything with this. It even has interchangeable blades for different types of slices and cuts. I could go on and on about it but I think it would be easier just give one away and let someone find out for them self.



This giveaway is over, thank you to all of you who participated. Be watching out for more and even better giveaways in the future!


Here’s how you enter:

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Almond Pistachio Chocolates


I for one, firmly believe in the power of chocolate. I’ve talked about it before but there is a lot of things about chocolate that make it hard to resist. I have always been the one to always stick around for the magnetic aroma of a fresh cracked bar of dark chocolate. Something about the smell of chocolate locks me in place, practically seizing me where I am and forcing me to use my senses. When I say senses I really mean more than just tasting or smelling, but seeing and feeling, even hearing. All 5 senses coexist in the world of chocolate.


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Bacon Wrapped Bison Tenderloin with Pecan Butter


Voting for The Homies 2013 ends soon so please help me out and vote for me for best food photography and healthy cooking blog here. It would really mean the world to me.

There are many ways to cook a steak, or a tenderloin in this case. My favorite way is pan roasting it. Something about pan roasting a tenderloin makes it perfect every time, but lets keep that for another post. This is different. Typically when it comes to a tenderloin for me I’m quite the minimalist. Just pepper, a little salt and maybe a dash of fresh herbs.

Although sometimes a tenderloin by itself just doesn’t do it, sometimes you have to wrap a slab of smokey bacon around it and slap a glob of sweet creamy pecan butter on top of it. It’s quite the deviant in flavor when you combine sweet and salty like this. It always brings good results and a huge smile followed by uproars of simultaneous “oh my god’s” from stuffed mouths that you can hardly even make out as a sentence.


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