Sweet Potato Meringue Pie

Slim-Palate-Meringue-Pie-Via-Slim-PalateAlthough I’ve been back home for about a week from my vast travels I’m officially back according to the internet. Due to the the circumstances of the season I had to find a way to get something for thanksgiving in at the last second for you guys and gals. Despite the fact that I haven’t gotten to cook or practice food styling for 2 months I am still going to do my best to come back strong, and by that I mean to almost fall apart because I thought I lost how to create recipes and photograph food.


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Europe Trip: London, UK


Unfortunately this post is going to be shorter and with few photos than I would have liked because I was only in the UK for 2 days (and it was raining like crazy the whole time). Which is mainly attributed to the fact that we stayed in some other countries longer than we planned. Not to mention the UK is incredibly expensive and Matti was running out of money, something like 75 dollars left. Don’t worry though I didn’t leave her hanging, I covered her meals and it would only be for a short amount of time. We also got to stay with our friend Niamh (pronounced Neev, took me a bit to catch on to that) introduced to us by my brother Nick.


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Europe Trip: Berlin, Germany


Our first day in Berlin was a rather uneventful one but I will delve into it anyway. Despite nearing the end of our trip with only this destination and the UK left, Matti and I were just as ready to conquer this spot as the last and we already knew the next day was to be packed with much more but I digress.


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Europe Trip: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam-CanalDespite what some might think about Amsterdam with prostitution being somewhat legal there as well as some soft core drugs I was quite excited (and not for those reasons). Amsterdam is a beautiful city and offers an incredibly rich history that I was eager to explore. The only down side was that our time here was quite brief.


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Europe Trip: Brussels and Bruge, Belgium


Our arrival in brussels was rather late and our friends Rut and Fernando whom will be housing us here, had their parents over so we chose to stay in a hotel for one night. Although we were aware, our hotel was situated right in the nice and cozy red light district part of Brussels. Surprisingly it wasn’t shady there at all and the hotel was actually quite clean and nice. In fact one of the prostitutes was nice enough to point out where our hotel was when we were searching for it.


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