Le Creuset New Years and Book Celebration Giveaway

Le-Creuset-new-years-and-book-celebration-giveaway-from-Slim-PalateI wanted to kick off the New Years and celebrate the upcoming release of my brand new cookbook with a giveaway for you guys who support me so much from the generous people behind Le Creuset. In my kitchen Le Creuset is an absolute staple when it comes to cookware which exactly why I wanted to pay it forward to you guys by giving away a couple of my favorite pieces from them. The two pieces included in this giveaway are a 5.5 quart Round French oven and an 9.5″ stainless steel frying pan.

The-Slim-Palate-Paleo-Cookbook-CoverIn my cookbook that’s currently on pre-sale on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, as mentioned before,  I used their  French ovens in many of my recipes and I really enjoy them along with their frying pan. My absolute favorite is their round french oven which I use for many things such as braises, soups, stews or even using as a roasting pan. As for the fry pan it works wonderfully as a multi purpose pan for both searing, sautéing or even making sauces. These pieces have proven to be durable and incredibly useful in my kitchen for just about anything so I hope whoever wins these gets as much use out of them as I do. The contest starts today at 7:30 AM and ends on January 9th at 8:00 PM (my birthday!) so try and get your entries in by then using the Rafflecopter widget below. I wish everyone good luck in the giveaway and a happy New Year!

Notes: This giveaway is limited to US addresses only due to shipping restrictions, customs, etc. from Le Creuset. Sorry to those of you who live out of the US as I have no control over that! -J

Also for those of you having trouble pinning it on Pinterest when you choose “Pin this image on Pinterest” in the Rafflecopter giveaway, make sure you click the little “pin it” button and then click “I pinned it” and that should work. If you’re still having trouble simply use the Pinterest pinning button below it. 

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  1. says

    Love it! A good frying pan and french oven are a must. My husband and I just moved and we lost our french oven- I’ve always coveted le crueset pieces!

    Congrats again on your book!

  2. Inger says

    If I win them I’ll give them to my 16 year old daughter who loves to cook and is amassing her own cookery collection before she leaves home. : )

  3. Sue says

    Well I commented before I read the entry! I would love to make my favorite Paleo alfredo chicken in these awesome pans!

  4. says

    Shared on FB, pinned to Pinterest under If I Win The Lottery. I’m nearly 50 and just now learning to cook right. I’ve always heard the right cookware is KEY.

  5. Dawnette says

    Awesome Giveaway!! But can not pin the pic, it says that it is suspicious… Any way to correct that?? Thank you for all you do! :)

    • Dawnette says

      The third time is the charm! I was finally able to pin it! I would love both I love to use a saute pan and finish in the oven… and lots of soups and one pot meals in a french oven.

      Thank you again.. I just preordered your cook book!! WOOT! Congratulations!

  6. Jessica says

    If I win these amazing tools, I will use them to try out a few new recipes from the Slim Palate cookbook…and use them to prep some old favorites too!

  7. Lauri says

    If I win these, I will use them to cook amazing things in 2014. (BTW – Pinterest blocked me when I tried to use the Pin It button from your site.)

  8. Kim says

    I did what I could. Pinterest wouldn’t let me pin because it blocked it as possible spam :( Anyhow, would LOVE to win these. The dutch oven is so versatile I have a pile of recipes I’d like to try in it!

  9. Katrina says

    I would use them them for soups, braises, or any one pot meal. If I had it today, my collards would go in the Dutch oven. You are an inspiration to everyone…to be so young and to have your act together in the kitchen! :)

  10. Renee L says

    I’m looking forward to making some delicious, long-simmering stews that’ll start with a wonderful Le Creuset sear!

  11. Ray Toth says

    I’ll use it to replace a no longer fully functional Le Creuset dutch oven – and of course, to cook up some awesome paleo dishes!

  12. Margot C says

    I’m thinking that I would brown the outside or a gorgeous beef roast in the fry pan then popit in the French Oven and cook it slow for a long time with some fantastic flavors from your book.

  13. Samantha V. says

    We just started the Paleo way of life a week ago, so many recipes I see use the French Oven, I know there are alternatives but it would be nice to make a great pot roast in one.

  14. Heather S says

    I would keep the oven and gift the pan to my sister who really needs one! And I would make a stew in the oven!

  15. L Tirino says

    Would love to cook my Paleo stews in this. Le Cruset is the best. Still have my le cruset staple pot from college!

  16. Jeanne says

    I’ll try some new recipes using the french oven. I’ve always wanted one. If I get the fry pan, well good fry pans haven’t made it to my cupboard yet! So I’d be real excited to get this, too!

  17. Paige H. says

    If I won these pieces, I would use them to cook wonderful, grain free meals for my future husband. (I also shared on Facebook).

  18. Devyn says

    Le Creuset Dutch oven would be such a dream! Beautiful to look at, easily goes on stovetop or in oven, and even has a bright cherry gloss finish to match your kitchenaid mixer 😉

    So many recipes need it–I need it, too!

  19. Michael says

    Shared on Facebook but I could’ve used the dutch oven today in cooking – I’ve been braising a lot of cabbage lately!

  20. April says

    I did everything but the pinterest post- it seems to be blocked. Congrats on your new book and best of luck in 2014!

  21. April says

    If I win I am going to have so many recipes to catch up with- I don’t currently have a french oven but I have been longing for one for a while now! Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Courtney Foster says

    I plan on replacing an old scratched up pan with the stainless steel one. I’d love to use the french oven for pork carnitas.

  23. Emily Elise says

    These would be a perfect start for my kitchen and perfectly timed since I’m getting my own place this month!

  24. Amanda says

    If I won these two pieces of cookware they would be help me to start replacing the cookware I had to get rid of when I went gluten free (and now working towards paleo), and help have a clean fresh start.

  25. Amy Piko says

    I would definitely cook more for my family if I had this set!! Im starting the year off right with Paleo!!

  26. Dawn Parizek says

    If I win, I will use these amazing products to make some delicious Paleo food for myself and my family. We are just starting out on the Paleo journey and can’t wait to learn all that we can!!!

  27. says

    I sooo want to try cooking in a dutch oven; friend of mine says it’s awesome, but I’ve never owned one to try it. Thanks for the contest

  28. Stephanie says

    I can’t wait– I’m cleaning up my diet and could use a great set of cookware for cooking healthy paleo food

  29. gabrielle says

    shared book & giveaway on Facebook and pinned!! I love the round creuset! and love the color!! I would make the parmigiana butternut squash soup! And in the fry pan, I would love to make the Honey Masala roasted nuts! Got some lovely local honey for Xmas.

  30. SJ says

    Hello, I just found your page and am excited to check it out! I shared on Facebook so my friends can check you out too.

  31. Kimberly says

    If I won I would jump up and down and then once I received them I would make some delicious Paleo/Primal food in these beautiful pieces of cookware :)

  32. angela says

    My husband and I are starting on paleo to be healthy. I have always wanted to try this cookware. This would be fantastic.

  33. Summer says

    I shared on FB and am leaving my comment. Pinterest is blocking the pin ;(

    I have always wanted a dutch oven and would be over the moon to have both these pieces of cookware. I am attempting to change how we eat and these would help!!! Thank you for the giveaway! Hoping I win!!

  34. Laura says

    If I won the cookware, I’d be in the kitchen even more trying out all kinds of great recipes from my new paleo cookbook!!

  35. Terri says

    Lot’s of Paleo cooking…thinking chili first up. (and just a heads up…I tried THREE times to pin this and was shut down each time by pinterest saying it was questionable/spam/etc.)

  36. Erika says

    First, thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the cookbook! I’d love to win these pieces to continue to show my little girls the importance of cooking and eating at home.

  37. Diana Cote says

    I plan to use them everyday, I am a stay at home mom to a toddler so I cook 3 times a day most of the week. I have been dreaming of some Le Creuset, specially their dutch oven to make soups, stews, Casseroles, aromatic caulirice and even pot roasts. This would really be a godsend in our household. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy New Year!

  38. Rhonda Harris says

    Really hoping I win the giveaway! Buying a new house and these will be a great addition to my new kitchen!! I love to cook and Can’t wait to try the recipes in your new cookbook.

  39. Suzanne says

    I shared on Facebook. Congrats on the new book. My 12 year old son is learning to cook. Would love to give him these. Because of his chronic migraines, we are changing our eating to strict Paleo. Thanks for your blog.

  40. Megan says

    I would use these multiple times a week! I cook for our family and don’t have Anythjng like either these! My mom had a la crueset when I was growing up and I’ve always wanted one!

  41. says

    These are gorgeous pieces! I would cook with them! I hope to be successful with implementing the Paleo lifestyle, and I just noticed my Dutch oven has seen better days! Congratulations on all of your success! Very impressive at any age, but especially for someone as young as you :-)

  42. says

    Cook my family a feast! The boys are meat-eaters and would love braised lamb stew in the Dutch oven, and I’m vegan and could make a mean potatoe frittata in the skillet. Thanks and good luck with the book!!

  43. Melissa L. says

    If I won this set I would first make a ham & potato soup in the Dutch oven. Next I would pan sear stuffed pork chops in the pan & bake them in the oven to finish. Mmm.

  44. Allana says

    I’ve been wanting to get Le Creuset.
    can’t wait to cook some delicious paleo meals with recipes from Slim palate.

  45. Amanda says

    Shared this on facebook :) Happy New Year!

    It would be amazing to be able to work with quality kitchen tools. Soups, stews, pot roasts… all perfect for the long winter ahead!

  46. Rachael Riley Patten says

    I just recently pinned your boeuf bourguignon recipe, but haven’t replaced my old Dutch oven yet… perfect timing?!

  47. Dawn Werner says

    I’ve always wanted a Le Creuset but they are so pricey. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. Not sure what I would cook but its definitely going to be something Paleo!

  48. Carla S says

    I would make chicken and dumplings,corned beef hash,leek soup , chili,jamaican jerk chicken,hashbrowns,sauteed asparagus,and cabbage soup.Thanks for the giveaway!!

  49. Jeri Holcomb says

    I have an old Le Creuset saucepan from the 70’s that I inherited from my mom and I love it. I would love a skillet to sear my grass fed steak in!

  50. Phoebe says

    It would be awesome to win these. I’ve always wanted a Le Creuset Dutch oven and your cookbook is the topping on the cake so to speak. I am new to the Paleo world and this book would give me tons of exciting new recipes! Happy New Year and Happy upcoming birthday! What a great gift for you as well! Very inspirational to be your age and have a cookbook. Look forward to many more!!

  51. Judy says

    Congratulations on your cookbook!! What a great giveaway for a celebration!! Many amazing meals can be made in these pans!! :-)

  52. Jess K says

    I will be cooking lots and lots of slow, low, and warm foods. I am always cold and a big Le Crueset would help sooo much. :)

  53. Hanna says

    Congratulations on your cookbook! I’ve shared on Facebook as well! I’m still a beginner cook, and am always looking for new recipes to try (and new pots to try them in 😉

  54. Jordan says

    I use my cast iron dutch oven constantly but LONG for an enameled one. This one would be used at least twice a week!

  55. Crystal says

    Ah man! I’d cook everything in these. Everything I tell you. And I’m excited to get your cookbook. :) I can only imagine how much these would assist me in my Paleo lifestyle.

    Also, thank you for this incredibly generous giveaway. I shared on FB!

  56. Crystal says

    I really am just incredibly blown away by this giveaway. Ah man! I’d cook everything in these. Everything I tell you. And I’m excited to get your cookbook. :) I can only imagine how much these would assist me in my Paleo lifestyle.

    Also, thank you for this incredibly generous giveaway. I shared on FB!

  57. Valerie says

    I would LOVE to win these items! I have them on my “wish list”…..I plan on making my same delish paleo foods but now with amazing cookware! :-)

  58. Ashley knight says

    What a great giveaway! I shared on Facebook! The skillet would be amazing to sear meat and fish and much more! I’d love to experiment with the french oven for some slower cooking foods, braising some delicious meat, and making dishes like chicken marsala :) not to mention I have a huge love of cookbooks, whether its reading for pleasure or planning my meals for the week.

  59. Kristin says

    I’ve been looking to replace my cookware with a more quality set. I would love these and would be cooking like the devil to break them in!

  60. Tammy T says

    I’m excited about finding your blog and FB page. Such an inspiration! I also shared your giveaway post on FB.

  61. Debra says

    I have wanted a Le Creuset pot for as long as I can remember but can’t afford to buy one. I would make all things mentioned above! Soup, roasts, stews! And I am in the process of changing all my pans/skillets to stainless steel so this would be a great help in that process as swell! Thanks!

  62. Debi says

    We are starting Paleo! I have over 100 pounds to lose so when I saw this offer I was excited! It can be done, I can do it!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some helps for the process :-)

  63. Debi says

    I would cook until I drop with these new additions to my new kitchen!!
    The red is perfect :-)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. Jenn P says

    Le Creuset is my favorite, yet I don’t actually own any of the cookware! If I win, I’ll definitely be using these to cook my favorite soups and paleo recipes!

  65. Maricruz says

    If I win I would cook your delicious recipes on it………………. I’m starting this new year 2014 I need help so this would be WONDERFUL.

  66. Erin J says

    Oh my goodness, I’ve had my eye on le creuset cookware for years! I want to make some yummy cauliflower soup, or some basmati rice for tandorri chicken

  67. Lisa Rogers says

    I think about all the wonderful things I could create with them. Been wishing for a dutch oven for a loooooong time!
    And I shared this on FB, However Pinterest wouldn’t let me pin it. :( And I tried 3 different ways to do it.

  68. ~heather~ says

    Totally going to learn to cook on non-non-stick LOL!

    If you guys are having trouble pinning, do it from the page’s main Pin link (located right above the comment section), not via Rafflecopter – worked just fine that way!

  69. Mars says

    I have always drooled over my friends that have Le Creuset pieces. Maybe one day I’ll have one too! <3 Thanks!

  70. jennifer says

    I would use the pot for making soups and roasting meat. I tried to pin on pinterest but it was blocked because of possible spam

  71. Crystal B says

    I so very badly want the dutch oven!!!!
    I make soups and stews and such ALL the time, and am in desperate need of one of these, but cannot afford one, no matter how I try! :)

    And it’s not possible to pin this on pinterest. It claims it is spam.

  72. Abby says

    If I had these, I would have an extra reason to rehab my diet and finally get well. Sick of IBS and its related problems…

  73. lauren says

    I have been trying to slowly (and i mean sloooowwwly) change over from nonstick to stainless steel or other non-toxic cooking methods. This would help so much! I have so many health problems that I am trying to control everything I can from cookware to quality of foods, oils, etc. Thanks for having this awesome giveaway!

  74. Robin Renee says

    I have shared this giveaway on my FB!! Happy early birthday, fellow Capricorn!! I hope you will make my wish come true for my birthday – on the 17th- & select me to win the cookware (that I desperately need because I have non stick pans that are smelling kinda toxic nowadays). I will use the cookware to try out paleo recipes!!! I have recently decided I am going paleo. :)

  75. Rebecca u. says

    I’d love to make some soups & stews with these wonderful pots! My family would love it! Since going grain free (due to auto immune issues) I’ve been eyeing some pots like these. :-)

  76. Jessica says

    Shared! I would use these every day for everything! The French oven would be great for soups (and it also matches my red kitcen appliances), and pan would be perfect for trying the farinata recipe I have been wanting to try!

  77. Amber says

    Would make some delicious soup with bone broth during this chilling wintry weather! Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. Nan Werdin-Pfisterer says

    Oooooh, I can nearly smell a nice caribou roast cooking up in that french oven. Le Creuset’s colors always make me smile! :-) (although I am smiling while drooling a bit thinking about that caribou roast)

  79. Brooke Ferandell says

    I would make my delicious bone broth. Try some beef bourgeon (spelled wrong) and many other delicious dishes as I start my trek to being completely pale

  80. Jarelis says

    Shared on Facebook, hope I get lucky since I need good kitchenware. I’m trying to get rid of my old teflon junk. It’s stainless steel, iron cast, french ovens, glass and stone ware fron here on out. These would be a great way to start. 😀

  81. Denise says

    What a great give-away, I have wanted one of those pots for awhile now. It would be a bonus now that I have found your blog for skinny recipes. YAY!

  82. says

    I am not on facebook. Is there another way to enter the contest? I would really love to win these pans! I am trying to turn over a new leaf this year by feeding my family healthier foods. We used to eat a mostly paleo diet but over last year and a half we have backslided. I am looking forward to getting back on track, and these pans (and your cookbook) would be a great help in that :)

    Blessings to you,

  83. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I will give them to my daughter (so she doesn’t have to use my hand-me-downs) Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Rhonda says

    I am entering sweepstakes that have prizes that will help me on my journey to a healthier life. Thanks for offering this and also for writing your book. I shared this on Facebook.

  85. Kelly G. says

    I plan on cooking a whole chicken (if it will fit?) in the big red pot and frying up some bacon in the smaller :))

  86. Anita says

    My brother in law is a chef and he uses Le Creuset, I would just love to be able to use these amazing dishes in my kitchen – everyday

  87. Judi says

    First I would pick my chin up off the floor!!! I have wanted this “Big Red Pot” for so long.
    Then I would make stew! Warm, clean, comfort food! Yummy!

  88. Deonna Bishopp says

    If I won these pieces, I would use them to cook wonderful food & they’ve been on my want list for a very long time!

  89. Ashley Y. says

    This is the best giveaway I’ve seen in the new year so far! I would loooove to add these pieces to my kitchen.

  90. Amelia says

    I plan on making friggin’ amazing stews because I don’t have a big enough pot for that right now. Also, my big frying pan went to h-e-double hockey sticks and I wanna cook real sized meats instead of cubes (all I have is a small, very small frying pan). I drool for Le Creuset.

  91. says

    I plan on writing music and harvesting clementines from the tree in the backyard while some sweet basil chicken stew simmers in the pot you gave away to me. And smiling. And sending you warm energy. And I plan to give away to someone lovely and deserving who needs it- my sister, a young woman just transitioning out of college and into having a home, a much needed frying pan. teaching her to use it? we’ll see…

  92. says

    I plan on writing music and harvesting clementines from the tree in the backyard while some sweet basil chicken stew simmers in the pot you gave away to me. And smiling. And sending you warm energy. And I plan to give away to someone lovely and deserving who needs it- my sister, a young woman just transitioning out of college and into having a home, a much needed frying pan. teaching her to use it? we’ll see…
    {i shared on fb as well

  93. Jennifer S. says

    The dutch oven would be perfect for a pot roast I made this weekend. It worked fine in my stock pot, but a dutch oven would be much better.

  94. Karen Prahm says

    Ohhh! I would cook up a wee storm with these! Us Irish folks love our stews and this would be perfect for them :-) Liked and Shared, please pick me!!

  95. Keegan says

    At the top of a loooong list- Dutch oven: a bison roast cooked to perfection! Fry pan: Seared scallops! :) MMMMMMM!

  96. Lauren S. says

    I have been coveting one of these for the longest time! I would cook so much in it, but first would be some slow cooked chicken!

  97. Sasha Werner says

    If I won, I’d try out a recipe from your book!! Also have some yummy soup recipes I’ve collected recently! Fingers and toes crossed!

  98. Kristen says

    I plan to hug the Dutch oven, twirl the frying pan, make every dinner for the rest of my life with them, and pass them on to my kids. Le Creuset, you complete me. Thanks Slim Palate for your beautiful recipes!

  99. Christine Ballenger says

    I cook all the time, but I tried braising, since I don’t have a Dutch oven! I’d definitely try out your new country ribs recipe straight away if I won!

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