Q: Can I contact you?

A: Yes you can! You can contact me at the email: slimpalate@yahoo.com

Q: Can I make changes to any of the recipes?

A: You may if you would like but I can no longer vouch for the recipe to come out properly if you do make any changes.

Q: Do you photograph for this blog?

A: Everything on this blog is my work including the photography, recipes, writing, and design. Unless it’s a guest post in which case I will have specified in the post.

Q: I noticed a typo and or mispelling in one of your posts should I say something?

A: You can if you would like! This is my personal space to have fun and share my healthy ways with the world, so there is bound to be typos somewhere on occasion. They may be rare but they will most likely occur simply because I am human. But If you would like feel free to leave a comment letting me know so I can fix it.

Q: Can I use this recipe on my blog or repost this elsewhere?

A: You can, but it depends. I do require that if you use a recipe of mine in any way that you use the common practice of Recipe Attribution and give me credit for the recipe.

Q: Do you calculate nutritional information for your recipes?

A: No I do not, but you can calculate it using websites like nutritiondata.self.com 

Q: If a recipe calls for coconut flour can I substitute any other flour or almond flour in equal parts?

A: No you cannot because coconut flour unlike other flours is incredibly absorbent and any substitution would  most likely end up being very runny.