Cauliflower Tortillas (Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten free)


Cauliflower is so incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Every time I play with it in the kitchen I almost always end up stunning myself with another use for it. And yes I refer to it as playing because I do fairly odd things with it until something interesting happens, and something interesting happens every time. That doesn’t mean that it worked or that it’s functional, just something interesting. Like a gargantuan cauliflower mess which I try to avoid as often as possible.


Disregarding my misadventures with combustible cauliflower , I do actually really enjoy the taste of cauliflower. At least I do now, and I’m not certain why. I just started eating it out of no where along with other vegetables and now I fully enjoy all of the vegetables under the sun. Even the ones not directly under the sun. Can’t leave out root vegetables right? Even if you don’t like cauliflower or have someone that doesn’t like cauliflower in your home I can tell you now that this actually doesn’t taste like cauliflower at all. It doesn’t taste eggy in my opinion either.


I personally don’t like something that tastes too eggy if it’s not an egg dish. So this one definitely hits all of those notes. Now when I discovered this beautiful concoction you should have seen the look on my mom’s face and mine. Silence fell upon the room as we slid the golden, warm and soft beauty out of the pan from browning and me and my mom looked at each other at the same time with wide eyes and expressions of befuddlement painted on our faces. It actually looked like a tradition soft tortilla.


Ironically the drained cauliflower kind of looks like fresh masa flour as well. I personally prefer lettuce wraps because they are fast and easy. But if you’re ever looking for a change of pace this is an excellent way to get your veggies in and have a nice soft and warm tortilla at the same time. That’s a win win in my book. I made these for a recipe for carnitas that I was working on and they went so good with them. Nice crispy and delectable pieces of pork on top a soft tortilla with fresh chopped onions, creamy fresh made grass fed sour cream, my special guacamole, some tangy grass fed Queso Blanco, and finished with some fragrant chopped cilantro.


I loaded those gorgeous things up and I suggest the same. Luckily they hold a bunch of toppings and ingredients pretty well so don’t be afraid to bulk up on toppings.  And everyone would have been none the wiser to the fact that they were also get a dose of cauliflower in that. At least we can hope that they don’t know they are eating paleo tortillas.



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Cauliflower Tortillas (Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten free)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6-7
  • ¾ a head of cauliflower riced or 2 cups riced and packed
  • 2 eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees and line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  2. For these I actually rice my cauliflower slightly more fine that cauliflower rice. Toss ¾ a head of cauliflower cut up and most of the stem removed and pulse until you get a texture slightly finer than rice. (Once it's riced measure it to make sure you have 2 cups packed.)
  3. Place riced cauliflower in bowl and microwave for 2 minutes and stir, then another two minutes and stir again then place in a dish towel and squeeze excess water out as hard as you can. (You're going to want to get out as much water as you can and be careful not to burn yourself because it's going to be very hot.)
  4. Place drained cauliflower back in bowl and add two eggs, salt and pepper and mix until well combined.
  5. As a note it will be a little bit runny but shouldn't be pure liquid either. Spread mixture onto a baking sheet into 6 small fairly flat circles.
  6. Place in the oven for 10 minutes then pull out of the oven and carefully peel them off the parchment and flip them and place back in the oven for 5-7 more minutes.
  7. Once they're done place them on a wire rack to cool slightly.
  8. Heat a medium sized pan over medium heat and place the tortillas into the pan pressing down slightly and brown them to your liking. (Don't skip this step because it gives them slightly crispy on the edges and gives them a wonderfully nutty taste)
As it turns out Empowered Sustenance did a recipe that was similar to mine and she did it before me! I suppose great minds think alike. Also if you don't know what to serve with these my favorite things that I've made with them so far are my Carnitas and Huevos Rancheros.



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  1. Kelly says

    Beside the toppings above, could you suggest anything else that go well with these tortillas, for breakfast maybe ?

    • Liz says

      Top with fruit, canned coconut milk and whip it up use it as a dessert. Use it like a pancake. I think you could use it like a pita bread.

    • Jenifer says

      Someone may have already said this (there are a lot of comments) but we made this recipe “3-ways” last night: Regular, Garlic & Rosemary, and Cinnamon.ila We used the regular tortillas as shells for machaca street tacos with shredded cabbage, avocado…the works! The tortillas held up perfectly. For the cinnamon, instead of salt and pepper to taste, we added about 1T cinnamon. We just reheated them in a skillet the next morning for breakfast as a pancake substitute, topped with mixed berry compote and a dab of sour cream. We both said we would definitely make them like this again. For the herbed one, we replaced the S&P with 1t minced garlic and about 1T finely chopped rosemary. Haven’t eaten them yet but they smell awesome.

    • Jill says

      I’m with you. Don’t own a microwave, never will. How might we modify this step? Because otherwise, these sound delicious!

      • Slim Palate says

        Well I suppose you could steam it. One of the commenters on here by the name of Angela stated a good idea to put it in a nut milk back or cheese cloth and put it in a steamer pot and steam it for the same amount of time or slightly more then proceed with the rest of the steps.

        • Newbie says

          I could care less if one uses a microwave or not. To each his own. Thank you for the recipe. It looks great. Thank you. Getting very bored with this new way of life, and this may help kick it up a bit. As for the rest, suggesting how you cook it is great, anyone who cooks can use their own brain cell and figure out how to cook it to their own desires. Not like you held a gun to their heads and said it had to be done this way. Thank you again.

          • NewbieToo says

            @Newbie – not everyone is a skilled cook and many times the way you cook something affects the texture. Like yourself, I’m a pretty good cook so I might have just experimented with other methods, but it is a valid Q. Try to practice kindness and compassion and perhaps your energy will improve and you won’t be so bored. Less judgement, more good karma. Namaste.

          • HCHARRY says

            I’ve cooked for many years but new to this type of cooking/food so I need a good recipe from someone more experienced to go on. I also don’t use a microwave for culinary reasons and health reasons so people like me are curious the best way to adapt the recipe to get the same result. People ask lots of adaptation questions, especially when it comes to allergies, etc.and these are all valid concerns. You needn’t be so hostile.

        • Karela says

          Putting it in the cheesecloth before cooking is a great idea. After cooking, try this: Just gather up the ends and wrap it around the cauliflower. Then set the whole thing in a potato ricer and squeeze the handles as tightly as you can. The cloth will hold the cauliflower if you have several layers and the ricer will squeeze out the water without your ever needing to touch the hot stuff. :)

      • sunny says

        Just a quick note for those who may be afraid of using microwaves – several, and I mean several credible studies have been done on the safety of using microwaves, the dangers it imparts into your food and into your home, etc. – all those myths have been debunked, and it has been proven that there is zero risk to the consumer… if anything, using the microwave in certain instances is actually more beneficial than another type of cooking, as it does not leech out nutrients that you’d lose, say from boiling, sauteeing, frying, etc – I always use my microwave to lightly steam fresh vegetables and always get amazing results – I’m a chef in a very high end fine dining establishment, and not only I, but several other restaurants use a microwave to some capacity – just thought I’d shed some light for those who are afraid to use this appliance for what we’ve been misled to believe in the 80’s. Thanks all! =)

          • Slim Palate says

            I think the choice here depends on whether or not someone thinks it is safe. When I eat an otherwise nutrient dense and healthy diet I don’t think the occasional microwaved cauliflower is going to kill me. You have to give a little in some places in order to live sane, but thank you for the article.

          • sunny says

            No need to call anyone’s comments on here “garbage”… I might be wrong, but I don’t think anybody on here is a nuclear physicist or biologist to explain cell structure, and the possible harm, if any, that’s imparted on food in the microwave process. However to reply to the statement bade by Mercola… Dr. Mercola is one to promote the all-natural approach to anything possible, which is great… however, many of his approaches have also been followed up on as being inconclusive, irrelevant, etc. in certain cases. I do have a background in nutrition as well, so I’ve read my share of reports, journals, studies, etc., and have used them to guide my personal choice on what foods I eat, how I eat/prepare them, etc. – The “char” from grilling foods has long been considered a carcinogen, and while a percentage of this is accurate, one needs to use some logic here and understand that the microscopic amount of “char” entering your system would do absolutely nothing… all things are relevant here. Also, the article from the Mercola link is 3 years old… considering the studies and research that come up every single day about what’s healthy/unhealthy… by the time you’ve finished reading, what was once said to be bad for you, let’s say coffee for example, is now said to be good for you… in 2 weeks it will be bad again. It’s an absolute choice to prepare your food the way you’d like – I just don’t want a busy mom of 4 to be throwing out her microwave because she’s misled that her entire lineage will be getting cancer in the future because she used it to flash steam her veggies, and in turn, decides to open up a can of vegetables instead of the microwaved ones so she can quickly feed her kids some source of vegetable. In either case, all the information is out there people… do your research, decide for yourselves what fits your lifestyle, and have fun over all. If I die 5 days earlier in this journey because I microwaved certain items, so be it. I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs, etc.

          • Janet says

            Sunny, I agree with you. I was listening to the Paleo View podcast (episode 10 – and Sarah Ballantyne (who was a research scientist) explains why microwave cooking is *not* bad for you. I use mine all the time. I’ve used it for softening up riced cauliflower but I also steam cauliflower when I want to make a mock mashed potato (I think you get a smoother texture from steaming the cauliflower for 10 minutes than you do if microwaving it because the microwave method tends to dry out the cauliflower more). That being said, if you don’t have a microwave, then steaming should work just fine. And as I mentioned in another post, if the cauliflower is too moist, you can use a potato ricer to squeeze out the extra moisture (though if your cauliflower has too fine a texture, I’d line the ricer with cheese cloth so you don’t end up squeezing the cauliflower out the ricer holes as well).

          • Peaslepuff says

            Oh my god. Nobody should listen to anyone saying microwaves aren’t safe. They are not smart.

          • says

            These wouldn’t be the same sources who have proven that Paleo is just a fad, and that high grain, high carb diets are good for you, would they?

            Not sure what you’re doing on a Paleo-based website, but it’s obviously not rejecting the dietary dogma which has so devastated Western culture. “Several credible studies” have been done to prove anything the purchaser of the studies wanted to prove. Doesn’t actually prove anything.

            Since you’re allegedly a chef in a high-end restaurant, we can easily infer that presentation and appearance are far more important to you than anything resembling nutrition. You use a microwave because it provides convenience, and since you need to justify your decision, you declare studies which support your desired outcome to be “credible”.

            Since you provide no links to said studies, there is no way to know which studies you happen to believe are credible, but your lack of citations means that you yourself are not credible at all. If you want to start a holy war on some topic, citations are the difference between a genuine soldier in the fight and a mere troll.

            In case it’s non-obvious, you are the latter.

          • maree says

            For all those who are scared of microwaves and use outdated articles to support their phobia’s, Just remember that there were/are people out there who still erroneously think that inoculations cause autism and will still… even after all the current research that has debunked the theory, promote this dangerous opinion and point us to equally erroneous website’s !!!
            So I guess just chill out and trust the experts, they would not be able to legally sell a microwave that has the potential to kill or mame the consumer. Even in the 80’s when all these fears started the manufactures addressed the teething problem.

        • barb says

          Nope. Microwaves kill the energy in food. Read some of the books written by Dr. Masaru Emoto and his amazing work with water. Microwaves create some pretty scary things in food. One little test you can do for yourself is to water one plant with regular tap water, and another plant with microwaved water. The latter plant will wither and die quite quickly.

          • Slim Palate says

            Not necessarily there are contradictory studies that say that it actually preserves nutrients in food more than some other cooking methods. Even Robb Wolf is pro Microwave, just listen to the beginning of this podcast.

          • Kevin says

            The “energy in food?” Now that is some pseudoscience. It isn’t “energy.” Everyone knows it is the food fairies who sprinkle magic dust on the food before you eat it. The food fairies get dizzy from the spinning plate in the microwave, and fall off the food before they can sprinkle their magic nutrition dust. This is why you should also never use a lazy Susan to serve guests, as it also makes the food fairies dizzy.

          • Christy says

            We had also heard from a “reliable” friend that microwaved water would kill plants. So my grandson did the experiment with two plants. One watered with tap water and one with microwaved water. The one with microwaved water actually did better than the other one. Conclusion: the only way microwaved water will kill a plant is if you pour it on the plant straight out of the microwave before allowing it to cool.

          • Christy says

            My grandson’s experiment on plants watered with microwaved water was for a science fair project and lasted for a few weeks.

          • I am not a stupid person says

            Kill the energy? What are you on about?

            You are mixing up ionizing radiation with non-ionizing radiation.

          • LadyJane says

            The reason microwaving water is bad for plants is the same reason using reverse osmosis water is bad for fish. They both need the stuff in water other than H2o to live. Both processes leech water of the beneficial nutrients needed. People don’t have the same systems so its not bad for us. I’m not starting on microwaves being bad or good. I’m just saying its not comparing apples to apples. We can drink electrolyte enhanced water but they may not work for other living things.

          • biologymajor says

            Microwaves work by making water molecules spin very fast therefore causing friction=product of heat. I myself am not a nuclear physicist or anything but my professor that I took physics with is.

        • veronique says

          Recipe sounds delicious and will try it over the weekend. However will agree with everybody else regarding microwave ovens!!!!!!! been microwave oven free for 4 years and happy to have gotten rid of it. Mercola is a great site to be signed up with. Even our Holistic doctor told us to get rid of it.

          • Bob says

            Mercola is a quack! This whole microwave thought process stems from CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine; now disguised as Integrative Medicine) professions focused on homeopathy, chiropractic adjustment cures, magnetic therapy, and other fraudulent health professions. If your truly concerned about microwave safety, I would suggest going to your local library or university, and read peer-reviewed scientific journals rather than opinion pieces posted on various websites. This discussion represents what’s wrong with modern society. You lack to the critical thinking skills and motivation to read objective evidence to support your thinking. You rather rely on opinion websites, wikipedia, or other biased sources rather than forming your opinion from the data presented in scientific journals.

          • Aim says

            Mercola is not a quack! He is an MD that realized there is more to practicing medicine than prescribing chemicals to cover up symptoms (which is not taking care of what is causing the symptoms). He decided to learn about getting to the root of health problems, two of which are a lack of nutrients in one’s diet, and our bodies being exposed to toxins. He later decided to further his education and became an ND in addition to already being an MD. He knows the science and is humble enough to go against the grain and admit that typical western medicine is not perfect and therefore seeks out the truth no matter what instead of accepting complacency.

          • I am not a stupid person says

            Obviously, that’s why you linked to none. Look here, I can do the same thing:

            There have been many studies proving that unicorns exist.

          • I'm not stupid either says

            OMG’ness, I am not a stupid person..I think I might have spit bombed my computer reading your post! LOL touchè Ya, I think all this microwave scare stuff is straight out of the 70s when it was all so new. If anything, the plastic container you use is what’s going to cause you an early death. Use glass and live 5 days longer! Whatever, if you don’t want to use the microwave, it’s your option. Personally, i prefer steaming cauliflower on the stove as the microwave tends to dry it out. Make sure you’re not using aluminum pots tho..that’s a whole ‘nother killer which we’ll save to hijack a different post later. BTW, great recipe, thank you…Just what I needed!

        • says

          I have to agree to disagree on this. I’m in school right now for nutrition and we went over microwaving and the process of what it actually does and at the end of the day microwaved food is merely dead food. That is why you are never to put breast milk in a microwave, babies who have microwaved milk also have failure to thrive. Think about folks who microwave most or nearly all of their food?

          ‘Ionizing, or simply displacing a single electron sounds harmless enough, but this is enough energy to destroy biological molecules. This is what kills every living organism that goes through the irradiation [11] process, including the food.’

          I personally think the taste alone should be enough. Microwaved food is nasty.

          Rama, Freshly Grown

          • I am not a stupid person says

            Yes, I agree that ionizing radiation is very dangerous. That’s why x-rays are oh so dangerous.

            Too bad for you that microwaves produce non-ionizing radiation.

          • Starky says

            The reason that you are advised to never heat baby milk in a microwave is because it cannot be guaranteed to heat evenly. Thus it is possible to overheat areas of the milk, potentially burning the baby.

          • biologymajor says

            You also have to think about what people are putting in the microwave. I can see the validity in microwave harm but what was the food in the research? What “healthy person” makes most of their sautéed veggies in the microwave? They are convenience machines therefore used for convenience foods such as freezer dinners etc. I believe that food is a huge component in how the body develops and thrives, therefore if you give yourself a bunch of raw fruit and veggies, you are probably going to be doing better (health wise) than those who pop in a “hungry man” after work.

        • Tami says

          Microwaving does destroy Oxalic Acid, a natural component of blood that blocks/kills/washes cancer cells. Nobody will ever have this information until they research Colonel Joe Hart’s patents for a diet–a cancer, tumor diet. It is the only patented diet on record. And a microwave hits 40,000 gauze measured through your body standing 5 feet away. I was the person tested. So, microwave EMFs also destroy all the oxalic acid in your herbs stored . . .well, generally, right next to the microwave.

        • Lynnda says

          I guess it depends who did the study.
          Through a reliable natural herbs supplier and their national training seminars they quote research results that prove microwaves rob all food of all their nutrients. Coupled with that fact that in less than 1 year breast cancer rates jumped up at least 30% after we began putting microwave ovens in homes. We had our home appliances tested for EMF exposures and it was eye opening. If you question microwaves and emissions from TV’s, computers and home appliances you may want to have an EMF Sientist test your home, even your microwave. Then you’ll know whether these are safe or not.

        • says

          I’d be interested in seeing a few links to credible studies if you’ll provide. I heard enough 15 years ago that made sense and caused me to steer clear of nuking food. There are as many “studies” promoting coffee and alcohol, for example and often are promoted by the very industries that are dependent upon their consumption.

          I’m ok with slow food and the meditative states possible when not in a rush.

        • says

          Here Here! Sunny!

          Microwaves are perfectly safe, and all those silly memes you see on facebook saying plants don’t grow in microwaved water have been thoroughly debunked, and real evidence has found zero health risks.

          That said, some people just don’t have microwaves, like myself. My boyfriend and I live in a teeny tiny apartment and where would we put it? Out on the balcony with the BBQ? Haha!

          I’m glad that the question was asked, how to do that step without a microwave. I was wondering the same thing. Of course, I could have given it a shot but it’s nice to have some ideas from the gal who came up with this recipe. :)

          I’m going to give this a try very very soon!

        • Leeza says

          Not true. My son is a chemist and just completed a study on the effects of microwaving. His study says quite the opposite of what you just stated.

        • Remi says

          Anthroposophical and biodynamic views seem to say that the life vital forces from plants goes to zero in a microwave…

        • Harry says

          I see you claim there are proven research showing microwaves are not harmful in any way and on the contrary good for us?????????? Without resitting those studies.

          Do you manufacture microwave ovens by any chance?

          Microwave ovens produce radiation, and radiation leads to cancer.

          Plese show me where the studies showing the harm cased by these ovens have been as you say……DEBUNKED!

      • Georgia says

        A simple steamer basket with parchment in the bottom will work ( bamboo steamer). I think you could skip the step all together really. ( I am a Chef of 20 years). I love this idea, thank you for sharing it.

    • says

      I dont’ have a microwave, it broke down about 4 years ago, and we do NOT miss it at all. For the Tortilla recipe, I blended the cauliflower raw with the egg and salt, cooked it on a flat cast iron pan. I pour individual as needed onto the pan after I’ve put coconut oil spray on it and then cook it for a few minutes, then flip it. Too easy. I don’t use the oven method for these, we’re only 2 here, so it’s easy.
      Oh! I didn’t even press out the excess water, came out beautifully. 😉

      • oceantbear says


        Sounds like you were happy with the outcome. I’m an impatient cook, thanks for posting I wanted to try these and will now~Thanks to you.

      • CONNIE ENDERLE says

        These also make perfect mini pizzas for the kids or adults as well. I rice the cauliflower ahead of time and vacuum seal and freeze for an even quicker meal.
        I use a non-stick fry pan with a little olive oil and put out some toppings to choose from and add the sauce and make our own individual pizzas and they are awesome and nutritious!

      • Lisa says

        Of course you didn’t press out the excess water. If you mixed raw cauliflower with the egg, and didn’t steam or microwave first, you wouldn’t HAVE excess water. Personally, microwave or steam (to each his own, people, stop preaching please!), I would think cooking the cauliflower first would result in a smoother texture.

        • anna says

          Yes but the water is still in the cauli which would steam when baking, and the point here is to have something more dry, less wet and gooey so getting the water out is a thing still. :)

        • Lynn says

          Hi Lisa, I make a recipe for a cauliflower crust for pizza that is very close to this. The cauliflower is grated (not cooked) and it is the best I have ever eaten, The results are amazin’. You can not even tell/ or taste that it is made from cauliflower. Super easy too.
          I have to laugh at all the comments. You are supposed to comment on the recipe but there is more comments debating on the use of a microwave. People, just adapt and cook as you see fit, instead to waste time arguing the use of a micro.

      • DW says

        thanks for the instructions. I followed your tip and riced the raw cauliflower, mixed with the egg, salt and pepper, coked without steaming or microwaving, no draining… Turned out wonderful and they held together pretty well. Minus the one that I overstuffed… It got a little heavy :) what a time saver

    • anna says

      It’s really easy to just steam the cauliflower and then rice it in the food processor. Just don’t overcook it! The point is just to somehow get the water to release from the caulk, which will happen when you squeeze. When making just plain old cauli rice, you don’t need the squeezing part. I like to finish in the pan with some butter, garlic, a spot of chicken stock and some lemon and parsley. Super delicious.

  2. says

    They look _delicious_ Joshua, beautiful!
    Perfect alternative to nut flour based wraps for us that do keep an eye on the carb count.
    Will definitely try these out at some point. Definitely.

    Thanks for this one, love reading about experiments in the kitchen that turns out not only great, but kind of revolutionizes the meal options for a Paleo lifestyle.
    I think this one falls into that category!

    Take care and keep up the (extremely) good work you bless us all with! :)

    // Peter

    Btw, would they still hold together well if made larger you think?

  3. says

    Excited to try this with some pork, maybe some tacos al pastor. :)

    I like the print button BTW, that’s a great idea for setting up recipes on the blog, as well as the rating system. Can you let me know what plugins you used for that? Going to try something similar with our blog as well, as soon as we move to self hosting.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  4. CarolG says

    wow, you are a food genius! Thank you for another great recipe. I am going to try these with flax “eggs” since my daughter is allergic to eggs. She is 17 and trying to stay completely paleo but multiple food allergies makes it difficult.

      • Sarah Vigue says

        I bet if you used olive oil and veganaise (vegan mayonnaise)… because egg replacement in recipes would be mayonnaise and oil. Try that!

    • Dena says

      curious if you made the tortillas with the flax eggs and how they turned out. I made them and they completely fell apart. I am thinking maybe I should not have squeezed out the water. It;s like there was nothing to bond them together – I was SO disappointed, I was looking forward to using them for fajitas :). thx, Dena

  5. Janet says

    Just an FYI, I find using a potato ricer a good way to squeeze out excess water from veggies without burning your fingers.

  6. says

    Josh, these look wonderful! I can’t wait to try these for my hubby who misses tortillas so much. I’m also thinking you could make them a bit thinner and fry them or bake to make “chips.” Mexican night here we come!

      • says

        i actually fried one, because i had some leftover batter that didn’t fit in the oven.
        i fried it in coconut oil and it was really good. it should be a smallish one, not quite big as the oven ones, maybe half the size

  7. says

    My kids are going to be thrilled with these! I don’t tend to paleoize things for myself but my kids are begging for something besides lettuce and lunchmeat to wrap things in. My resistant husband too LOL!

  8. says

    This is still on my list to try, so I’m going to follow yours! Is this similar to the pizza crust recipe that so many use? I’ve been wanting to try that forever, as well. Your photos are getting better all the time!

    Best wishes,

    • Slim Palate says

      Hi Erica, I actually got the idea for these after looking at different cauliflower pizza crusts. I would say that this is actually really different from cauliflower pizza crusts. It’s surprisingly a lot like a soft tortilla to me.

    • Lynn says

      Erica, I make the pizza crust recipe all the time and it is awesome. So easy and you would never know it is made from cauliflower. The only difference I see with this recipe is you do not add cheese to the crust. I will have to try it to see if it will stay together as well as the pizza crust does. Personally, I would not steam the cauliflower at all….works perfectly just grating it.

  9. Jennifer says

    You ROCK…..that is all:-)

    Seriously…thank you for all that you do and these amazing creations you so generously share with us.

    • Slim Palate says

      Oh my goodness! Yours is strangely close to my recipe. I swear I didn’t swipe the recipe from you though. I got the idea when I was looking at some recipe for cauliflower pizza crust.

  10. Amber says

    Do these have an “eggy” consistency? You know, kinda spongy? If so my son won’t touch them and it wouldn’t be worth the effort.
    Great idea though!

  11. says

    These look so good and remind me all over again that I really need to try out the cauliflower pizza thing. I might go for these first! I know this is a tortilla recipe, but to me, thickness-wise, they seem like they’d work great as a pita or a flatbread too, which has me thinking about all the saucy Indian dishes that could go along with it. Cauliflower and Indian are a perfect combo, too!

  12. Kamola says

    I started craving this since last night when I saw the recipe. And I have made this tortillas for my lunch today, put creamed mushrooms with dill over them. It was heavenly delicious! Thanks for this recipe!

  13. says

    No way! You could also use them as a pizza crust… Just add some marinara, veggies, and meat. That cauliflower pizza crust recipe going around uses so much cheese. I’ve tried it a couple times and end up with a stomach ache.

  14. says

    Amazing!! Those look so good! You are right, lettuce wraps are nice because they’re easy, but I sure miss tortillas. Can’t wait to try this!

  15. says

    I was wondering if you can freeze these & if so should you freeze them before or after you cook them? I think it would be awesome to make a bunch at one time & have them ready to go when needed!

    • Slim Palate says

      I personally haven’t but I have refrigerated them several times for several days and they come out just fine so I’d imagine you can freeze them without any problems.

  16. Melanie says

    I can’t wait to try this! I’ve made the cauliflower pizza crust a couple times and love it, so I’m sure this is awesome, too. I steam the cauliflower, then use a ricer, riding the cauliflower into a strainer. Gets most of the water out. Enjoy!

  17. Adam says

    What if you used a juicer to extract the moisture? The pulp would be quite a bit finer than rice but then you might be able to skip the microwave step? You’d then have cauliflower juice (alone or as a base) to drink along with breakfast…

  18. says

    I haven’t read the million comments but when you steam the cauliflower and you’re worried about too much moisture in the cauliflower you can throw them on a sheet pan and dry them out a tad before processing them. I never seem to be able to squeeze out enough moisture when I steam of lightly boil them. Roasting them seems to do the trick.

  19. AddieMay says

    where do you find grassfed sour cream and queso blanco?? I’ve looked everywhere and come up empty handed:( I would kill for some sour cream!! thank you, recipe and pics look great!!

    • Slim Palate says

      I wish I could recommend a brand to you but I’m afraid I cannot. I get my grass0fed sour cream and queso blanco raw from a local farm down here in Texas.

      • AddieMay says

        uuugghhh, of course you do:) i’ll just have to keep searching. I would love to find a local source. I’ve cruised US Wellness Meats and other various sites hoping they would carry anything close and they don’t. I live in LA, it can’t be that hard to find. I’ll just keep at it, thank you again for this AMAZING recipe. It looks scrumptious!!!

      • Ann says

        I live in Texas also, near the DFW area in North Texas. Do you mind sharing the name of the farm you use, and also, can you recommend a place to buy grass-fed buffalo meat or beef?

        These Cauliflower Tortillas look and sound delicious!

    • VC says

      Make your own. Sour cream is SUPER easy, and queso blanco isn’t much harder. Check out “Home Cheese making” by Ricki Carroll, or “The America’s Test Kitchen d.i.y. cookbook” for recipes. They’re also on the internet.

      If you can source the milk/cream, you can order the cultures online.

  20. linda says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I’ve recently been told to avoid wheat, all dairy, eggs, corn, and soy, among other foods due to food allergies. Your recipe gives me hope, thank you!!

  21. linda says

    Just tried my first batch using flaxseed as my egg substitute, which did not work. Ended up with a shredded mess that did not hold together. Do you have any suggestions to try?

    • says

      Linda, I haven’t tried this yet but I’m planning to see if chickpea flour (plus extra water) can be subbed for the eggs. It’s less paleo that way but still grain-free & gluten-free; not sure what your dietary requirements are but if you eat chickpea flour I highly recommend it as an egg replacer. It may need to be toasted a bit before used, to get rid of the raw taste. I’ll be experimenting this weekend, methinks!

      • says

        I just made them with a mix of chickpea flour & flaxseed gel as binder instead of egg. I did need to cook them a little longer to get out the chickpea flour beany taste, but then they came out great. If anyone around here is okay with chickpea flour (again, not paleo), I recommend it! And cauliflower + chickpeas + Indian is another classic combo, so I think I’ll still try them with a curry this weekend.

        Thanks again for the inspiration!

  22. Sanni says

    OMG!! Everybody must try these!!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing this recipe. Mine weren’t as pretty as yours but they tasted great. I will be making these regularly!!

  23. sunny says

    Has anyone experimented with possibly using a food processor to finely dice these up if you don’t own a ricer? Just wondering if that can be done, and then strained? Thanks!

    • Slim Palate says

      I did this in a food processor actually, so yes you will do just fine with a food processor. Also thank you so very much for your wonderful comment prior to this one, it really, really made my day.

  24. Amanda Curtis says

    I tried these last night! They were amazing!!! I made a portobella “burger” in the oven and used these as the “bun”… it was very tasty

    • Karen says

      Thank you,thank you,thank you I have a recipe for Portabella Mushroom and Pineapple slice burgers and wanted a good healthy bun-voila you just gave me the buns(tortillas) I will make for these delish burgers. :0)

    • says

      I didn’t use a microwave at all. I just riced it and a bunch of water will still come out when it it uncooked (squeezing in a towel). Tortillas turned out great!

  25. says

    What does it mean to “cauliflower riced” – I’ve never used cauliflower before — little leary but wanted to give them a try

    • Slim Palate says

      To cut it up into smaller bits similar to a rice texture. YOu can do it by grating it or pulsing it in a food processor until you get rice like texture. Good look!

  26. says

    For all you non-microwavers out there – I found there is no need to nuke the cauliflower or even steam it. I whirled it in the food processor to “rice” them, then just squeezed the heck out them in a cloth napkin. Lots of liquid will come out! I also went ahead and used a whole head of cauliflower, and just added eggs until the consistency was correct (it took 2 eggs for me). Yum!

  27. SarahA says

    Thank you, thank you!!! I started a 30 day grain/gluten free challenge for May, and this is AMAZING. Just made these this evening and created tacos with them. I am a bariatric patient so this is a very great alternative to eating things that may not work for me. Thank you for all you do. What a great site.

  28. Yvie says

    I made these today and as someone suggested, I used my juicer to process the cauliflower – the result was a super fine meal. I did press the meal between a couple of paper towels just to remove any extra liquid. I had these with some chicken & guacamole and honestly, this was just an awesome meal!!!

    This recipe is super easy and yields a VERY satisfying product!!! I highly recommend making these!!! If you’re on the fence wondering if it’s worth trying, it definitely is!!!

  29. says

    WOW – made these yesterday for Cinco de Mayo feast and they were a hit! Honestly just perfect. Thank you for such a fabulous tortilla alternative. I just recently discovered your blog and have to say it is one of the most beautiful looking blogs I have seen to date. Keep up the great work!


  30. April says

    I made these tonight as we are doing Paleo as of May 1st and I didn’t tell them what it was made from and made them try first and tell me what they thought. Husband thought it tasted like eggs :(, but he did like it. Daughter didn’t like it but she is a picky 4 year old, until we let her put honey on hers cause she ate all the meat off of it. We had it with chicken, onion, and bell pepper with some guacamole. They were really small, so wasn’t sure if I should have spread them out more on the pan or what but I would say no more than 3″ round so didn’t hold much. Not sure if I did something wrong or not. It wasn’t a bad alternative and liked it better than the other Paleo tortillas I tried. Will be a good thing to have when I am feeling like I did today and need “bread”.

  31. Sara R says

    I had success also baking these as rolls. 1/4 cup of “dough” in each each muffin cup. Thanks for the idea!

  32. Maddie says

    I tried making these today and followed the recipe exactly, but they came out looking and tasting just like a cauliflower omelet :( You said they don’t taste eggy or like cauliflower to you, so I was wondering if you had any ideas of what could have gone wrong?

    • Slim Palate says

      Sorry I don’t, I don’t count calories or anything and never did so I don’t put them up. I’d imagine these would be pretty low though since they’re made with cauliflower and egg only.

  33. Raelene says

    I was just wondering if anyone had tried making a whole bunch and freezeing them. Because I will ne tho only one in my family usuing the probly and wanted to know h. They would hold up afterwards.

  34. Bella says

    Turned out amazing! I made fish tacos for dinner the other night and my bf said he liked them better than the corn ones :).

  35. Latecia says

    I just made these and was very skeptical at first but was dying for something to satisfy my grain craving. WOW these are soooo delicious! The juicer tip is such a great idea too! I fried them in coconut oil after baking them and it took it up an extra notch. Definitely worth the prep and effort! Will be making a bigger batch next time so I can just leave it in the fridge and fry or bake up whenever I want some more! Was a hit with my nephew and hubby too! I made halibut tostadas with kale slaw and garnished it with some lemon and Tapatio..perfect! One question I do have is what could I do to make these more pliable? I ended up eating them as tostadas because they wouldn’t bend without crumbling?

    • Slim Palate says

      Hi Latecia, I’m glad you liked the. I think they didn’t turn out right because you didn’t follow my recipe and you did it almost completely differently than the way I did. It makes a huge difference when you rice the cauliflower into coarser chunks and squeeze the moisture out after steaming it. Plus you fried them in an oil after baking them which might also affect the texture negatively.

      • Latecia says

        Oh I followed the recipe exact except for the frying part at the end (by frying I mean I oiled my skillet with coconut oil and fried it lightly like suggested) but the tortillas were already crumbly while baking in the oven. I’m wondering if maybe I ground the cauliflower too much? I need to make another batch and not grind it down so fine, maybe it will work better? Either way these are a big hit! :)

        • says

          I put some bacon grease in my pan when I fry them and they turn out great – no crumbling. For me, the crumbling usually results from not getting enough water out – but that seems unlikely since you used a juicer!

    • Slim Palate says

      Hi Emily, I don’t do the nutritional calculations for any of my recipes but I would imagine that they are incredibly low.

      • oceantbear says

        I’m trying to change everyones diet, again! Now, I’m suppose to go Gluten Free…(stomach issues not celiac.) Finding things that DH and DD are willing to eat, also; is quite the challenge.

        Thanks for posting this recipe and the steps. I only made 4 tonight,DD liked them and so did her friend that is staying the night. Winner recipe!!

        I was really worried because DD complained about the “SMELL” as soon as I started to rice the cauliflower. I did have an issue with them sticking to the parchment paper (I don’t know which side to put up or if it even matters) so they were nice looking on 1 side and rough and dry looking on the other.

        Had a bit of a glitch while making them…had to let the mix sit after adding the egg, because a storm came thru and we ran to cover the chicken coop that ended up being totally flooded so we grabbed chickens and put them in the garage…crazy! Anyhow, once I got back to the kitchen the mix wasn’t soupy…kinda a thick pancake or waffle texture.

        I orignally was gonna skip the baking step, but did it anyhow..thinking it may have been better to skip the baking with the mixture I ended up with. Needless to say this came out awesome and is my very first GF recipe!!! WINNER WINNER WINNER….can’t say that enough.

    • oceantbear says

      In Calori King it says Cauliflower had 15 carbs for 10 oz…(about 1/2 a head) there are 0 (none) in Eggs..

      So the way I figure it is: 8oz=1C we use 2c in this recipe, so knock off a bit, say call it 12 carbs per cup. This will give ya roughly 24 carbs in the recipe. Divide that by how ever many you make. If you get 6 then there are only 4 carbs per tortilla/crepe/wrap what ever you call these.

      I’m diabetic and according to these number I could eat the whole thing!! And still not hit my meal limit in carbs.

  36. Marilyn says

    Sounds awesome and I’m really psyched to try it!! Does anyone have a good suggestion to replace the yolk? I’m allowed whites but not yolks because of food allergies (in addition to needing to be GF). Also, why couldn’t you just cook them in a pan like a pancake? Why bake first? Thanks!

    • Slim Palate says

      I think 4 egg whites should work. And the reasoning behind baking first is to keep them from falling apart, they set in the oven to be browned in the pan. I have had trouble with them falling apart after putting them straight in the pan but I might try some more testing with that later. Good luck!

    • Rachel says

      Did you make them with Egg Whites? I’m going to try to make them tomorrow and I’m curious how they came out.

  37. Courtney says

    Loved them! Made them to eat with chicken tikka masala. Called them naan, instead of tortillas. Brilliant, just brilliant. Thanks.

    • Slim Palate says

      Sorry no egg substitutions. As far as I know it looks as if this would only work with eggs. Again I’m very sorry about that.

  38. M3lly says

    yummo!! just tried them tonight and they are a winner. Thank you, i did add a little almond flour to the mixture and it was perfect. Beautiful and moist, will definitely be making this again :)

  39. Monique says

    Question: Why do they have to be baked first before frying? It seems that the steaming in the microwave should be sufficient, then fry? I made them and they are delicious, but didn’t think to try one without baking to see how it would turn out.

    • Slim Palate says

      To be honest, you don’t “have” to bake them first and they will turn out just fine, but I noticed that when you bake them first they hold together much better than just putting the batter straight in the pan.

      • Monique says

        Ah! thank you for that. I am sure that you are right. Next time I make them I will try one without baking. They seem so very versatile, and they are definitely best right after frying them. I am always amazed what we can do with food. When my friends ask what I am doing, I tell them that I am playing with food :-) Converting ingredients into something delicious is always cathartic.

  40. says

    Tried these today. They turned out great. I thought next time I might go with just the egg whites to see if they are as good. I had mine with some middle eastern style food and they were perfect.

    • Monique says

      Emiley, since the recipe has only cauliflower and eggs, you might want to google those and figure out what you need to know that way.

  41. Becca says

    I just pulled mine out of the oven they seem to be more like fluffy pancakes :/ is the califlower rice to small? Or Are the tortillas to thick? I spread the mixture evenly between 6. Any suggestions?

  42. Annika says

    Holy moly! Found this recipe today and had to of course try them immediately! Sweet jesus, they were absolutely excellent! Thank you so much! We’ve been making cauliflower pizza crust, but missed Mexican food in our paleo diet. This changes EVERYTHING!!! Woohoo!

  43. Monique says

    I have been trying to figure out how I could flavor those pancakes to mask the “cauliflowery” taste, and I am thinking to add Indian spices to it to kind of make it like naan bread, like garlic, garam masala, cilantro, or even curry powder. I think the texture would be perfect for that. Then have it with an Indian meat dish. I have already used them as hamburger buns and a base for almond butter. These things have quickly become a staple for me.

    • says

      Monique, I didn’t detect a cauliflower taste at all, but I was also thinking about perhaps adding garlic powder and use them as gyro wraps. Last night I made another (triple) batch and made grilled cheese sandwiches to go with the chicken soup. That was spectacular as well. Tonight we’re wrapping bacon wrapped bratwurst in the few that are left :).

      I don’t think there’s any limit to the variations with these culinary wonders.

    • says

      Flavor the mix by steaming sliced garlic with the cauliflower to eliminate the “cauliflower” taste…Flavor the above mix with chives/caramelized onions/or bacon for savory or caramelized apple/curried raisins/or cinnamon dusted grilled peaches for “sweet crepe” just before your put in oven……Take a cookie sheet and put parchment on it…brush with ghee…fill the cookie sheet with thin mix….when turning just put ghee’d parchment paper on top and flip whole sheet and peel off the old (first used) parchment to cook on the other side….cut after baking to make square tortillas (go outside of the “round” to the box or square)

      Another idea…has anyone used a waffle maker with this recipe?

      • says

        Flavor the mix by steaming sliced garlic with the cauliflower to eliminate the “cauliflower” taste…Flavor the above mix with chives/caramelized onions/or bacon for savory or caramelized apple/curried raisins/or cinnamon dusted grilled peaches for “sweet crepe” just before your put in oven……Take a cookie sheet and put parchment on it…brush with ghee…fill the cookie sheet with thin mix….when turning just put ghee’d parchment paper on top and flip whole sheet and peel off the old (first used) parchment to cook on the other side….cut after baking to make square tortillas (go outside of the “round” to the box or square)….or cut in rounds with a biscuit cutter for rounds to use under poached eggs for eggs benedict with spinach on top of small round….after baking brown/fry/caramelize in coconut butter/and/or/coconut oil/ghee to finish the “tortilla” or “crepe” be it round or square.

        Another idea…has anyone used a waffle maker with this recipe?

        Will be making a variation of this recipe in the morning for eggs benedict…wished I had not eaten the last of my home (no sugar-I am on day 29 of Whole 30) made gravelox for lunch today!

  44. says

    I just made a batch of these using the exact recipe above (including the microwave!) and they came out great! I had some left over steak from dinner last night, which I chopped up and put onto one of these with some homemade guacamole, gave it to my 14 year-old son and he loved it! He didn’t know he was eating a cauliflower tortilla.

    I even took a picture of them and posted it on my blog!

    Love your blog. Tell your mom that you’re inspiring this 52 year-old mom on her journey to weight loss and better health. She should be proud. :)

  45. Anu says

    I used the juicer method (genius props to Adam) and then microwaved the cauliflower per your directions and followed the rest of the recipe. This is delicious, has no eggy taste and the texture is…wait for it, flatbread like. Honestly, huge kudos Mr. SlimPalate. I rarely like the subs everyone is raving about.

    Incidentally, I am not paleo as I do not cut out legumes and low fat dairy. Just grains.

  46. Hannah says

    I wanted something to spread almond butter on so I tried theses but a bit differently. I added cinnamon and dried stevia . Hot out of the oven there was a slightly strange flavor . I put them in the fridge and pulled them out a few days later. The strange flavor was gone and they were great. I would never thought of maple almond butter and cauliflower together but this could easily be a take for lunch favorite. Thanks!

  47. Holly says

    Felt like a lot of work to make just 6 tortillas…. I think I will double the recipe next time. They were delicious, though! My toddler even ate one made as a cheese quesadilla. Any recipe that gets cauliflower into my child’s stomach without a fight will definitely be reapeated many times!

  48. Tim says

    I tried the shortcut by the person who skipped removing the excess water. According to them they blended everything and panfried them and they turned out. I unfortunately tired and failed miserably. Will try the way suggested by the author.

  49. Sherry in Union, KY says

    I just started Phase 3 of the hCG diet today, so I made these yesterday in anticipation of my first breakfast in over a month. I was skeptical, but the tortillas turned out to be an outstanding substitute for toast in the following recipe: Thanks so much for this great idea. I cannot have sugar or starch for the next three weeks, so these tortillas might just save me.

  50. m says

    These are yummy! A great snack or alternative to plain eggs for breakfast. However, I wouldn’t exactly call them a tortilla…they can fall apart in a couple of pieces so that you can’t exactly hold anything in them. I’d call them a patty…a healthy, yummy patty!!

    • Slim Palate says

      It sounds like you didn’t squeeze enough water out because mine hold together really really well.

  51. Cate says

    Going to try this with ground flaxseed and water as a substitute for the egg. I love eggs, but my two year old son is allergic, so we have to find good alternatives for many things with eggs.

    Not sure if you have any other good ideas for substitutions, but I’d love to hear them! I made your Chocolate Chip Cookies last night and they were BETTER than my grandma’s cookies, which to me is the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. Keep up the great work – we love your site!

  52. Joy says

    Can you make extra and freeze them? Also, how long would you suggest keeping them in the fridge before consuming them? Thanks :)

  53. Samantha says

    OMG. My mother in law and I are making these today! I plan to use mine for fajitas, and for paleo pizzas (no cheese, of course!). I hope they turn out as good as your did!
    Thank you!

  54. says

    WOW, these were amazing! I really expected a heavy cauliflower taste – but it didn’t taste like cauliflower at all. It tasted like a fluffy, soft homemade tortilla – more a corn consistency. I did have a problem with sticking on the parchment paper, but I suspect it was the paper brand. I intend to use a better quality paper the next time I make them. I would also like a larger tortilla, so the next time I make them, I will try making three instead of six tortillas from one batch.

    I gave my mother a taco made with one – she is always a tough critic – and she really liked it. My husband grabbed one and ate it plain, and wasn’t thrilled, but I don’t think these are for eating solo. They taste great stuffed with the taco fixings! Thanks for the great recipe.

  55. Lisette says

    JUST made these…the directions were spot on, came out perfectly. This recipe feeds one very hungry person, so I’d double it for 2. Was a nice alternative to wheat wraps. Next time I’ll make a little bit thinner and larger (4 instead of 6). Yummy!

  56. says

    I made them again tonight. Definitely don ‘t use discount parchment paper. Tonight I used Reynolds’s parchment, and they didn’t stick at all!! I also made them larger, about the size of corn tortillas. The first time I made these they stuck because of the discount parchment paper I used. A better paper made all the difference!

    Another thing I did different — I made a double batch, 4 cups – and microwaved 3 minutes each time. To make it easier to squeeze out the water, I put my towel over a screen sifter, added the cauliflower right out of the microwave, and rinsed with cold water to cool down. Took longer to squeeze out, but was much easier since it wasn’t hot.

    They turned out great! Thanks again.

  57. Kat says

    I don’t use the microwave so I boil the cauliflower and turns out great. I do however find that this recipe in no way yields 6-7 tortillas that are of a decent size, I just manage to get 3 out of them and I make them about 5 – 5.5 inches in diameter. They do come out delish though :)

    • Slim Palate says

      I think it might be because you made them too large or because you boiled the cauliflower it makes 6 for me every time.

  58. Laura says

    Haven’t even tried these yet but cannot WAIT! Thanks so much for experimenting and coming up with this very simply and healthy recipe. I try to avoid carbs, dairy and sugar, and all the “gluten free” things in the supermarkets still have too many carbs for my liking. Not to mention the prices! So I can see these becoming my favorite thing to make and keep on hand for when I get the hankering to have a wrap or “sandwich.”

  59. Stephanie says

    Could you make these with egg white instead of the whole egg? I’m on a diet where I can have egg white but not whole eggs.

    • Slim Palate says

      I don’t see why not but you will probably have to double the amount. Like maybe 4 egg whites but I’m not sure exactly how many as I’ve never tried it.

  60. Josie says

    Holy crap, I was skeptical but these freaking work! I almost like them more than regular tortillas for little soft tacos! My mouth still has the warm burn of tapatio my plate is clean. Easy, simple ingredients, simple prep while cooking filling, it’s a winner.

  61. says

    These look delicious! I am definitely making these, already made up my mind! But I was curious, if you had experimented with just using a griddle or cooking these on the stove without using the oven?

    I was thinking it might cut-back on the puffiness, but I wanted to ask you first :) I’m all for food-based experiments, but I wanted a second opinion haha.

    – Kev

    • Slim Palate says

      They refrigerate wonderfully so I don’t see why they couldn’t be frozen although I’ve never tried. I would say most likely they would freeze fine.

  62. Lynn says

    I made these twice and adored them! But they did take me quite a while to make and I would like to break the process up. Thanks for the recipe.

    Do you think it would be possible to blanch the riced cauliflower, then freeze it in 2 cup batches? Then maybe just microwave it straight out of the freezer and make the tortillas per the instructions.


    • Slim Palate says

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You could also make a bunch in advance and freeze them I bet. Let me know how it goes if you try it and I’ll update the recipe with that as a note.

      • Brenda says

        Can you make them ahead of time and just freeze them then pull them out if the freezer to defrost day of then just toast them up by pan frying them

  63. Louise Moore says

    Question: if you’re going to put them in a pan to crisp up anyway, could you just cook them like a pancake to begin with and dispense with the “oven” part?

  64. says

    Can egg whites be used instead of whole eggs? I know in some recipes it matters and the entire thing will fall apart without the egg yolk but in others it works.

    • Slim Palate says

      I have never tested it with egg whites but I don’t see why not. You might have to double the amount of eggs though.

  65. Tessa says

    My sis and I just made this as an alternative to taco shells. It worked splendidly.
    I saw in the picture that the tortillas were quite small. So I doubled the recipe intending to make tortillas closer to the size of ‘soft taco shells’. The yield was six large, functional tortillas. They did not threaten to break when heaped with the usual taco menu items. Don’t be afraid to spread these as thinly on the tray as you can.

    Since we don’t have a MICROWAVE we GRILLED the riced coli (using alfoil as a plate in the grill). We were too lazy to squeeze any moisture from the ‘rice,’ believing the grill had dried it out adequately. Our theory turned out correct – our tortillas were perfect.

    I was worried that the texture might be very eggy, but my fears were debunked. Not a bread texture, but not very eggy either.
    The flavour screamed cauliflower. I’m sitting here now trying to think of how to dilute the taste (if you love cauli you’ll love this!). Maybe broccoli would work! Maybe diluting the cauli rice with almond, coconut or flax meal would be worth the extra calories. Maybe even exclusively blended pumpkin and eggs could work. Who knows!

    The downside to this was the time it took to make.

    NUTRITION BREAKDOWN of 1 large tortilla (or 2 small)
    According to:
    Cals: 96
    Carbohydrates: 10
    Fat: 3
    Protein: 8
    Fibre: 4
    Sugar: 4

    Anyway, thanks for the recipe!
    (Sorry for any spelling or grammar issues, I’m mildly dyslexic)

    • Slim Palate says

      It might have tasted more on the cauliflower side because you grilled it and didn’t drain it. Steaming it makes the cauliflower much more mild in taste and the addition of squeezing the additional water I feel squeezes some of the flavor out. Regardless I’m very glad that you still liked them.

  66. Naomi says

    Can frozen cauliflower be used? I am new to making things with this veggie :) Whould I defrost is first? microwave it then “rice” it? I know whole fresh food is better, but frozen is cheaper 😉 at least it is here!

  67. Lindsey says

    Holy cow Microwave people!! Who cares, has anyone tried the cauliflower tortillas? Isn’t that what the comments are for?

    I will make them and let everyone here know how amazing they are !!

  68. April says

    These look amazing and I can’t wait to try them! I was wondering if they keep in the fridge very well and if so how long?

  69. Candice says

    Now for the ingredients, it list 3/4 of a head of cauliflower or 2 cups riced and packed. Is the two cups rice and packed be measured before you microwave and drain or after? I know after you microwave and drain, the amount of cauliflower will go down a bit.

  70. Melva says

    Thanks for posting this recipe. I will be trying it tomorrow. I was hoping to get some good info on the recipe by reading the comments but sadly it was a debate on microwaves. Wow, seems a little crazy and unnecessary. Anyway, I’m excited to try them and fool my husband.

  71. Claire from Australa says

    just made these and i am a self-confessed BAD cook – they turned out wonderful! i can see them becoming a staple in our house to replace anything bread or ricey that we have been having previously.

    thank you for a great post and recipe and photos

    bookmarking you now!

  72. says

    Hi! I have an egg allergy, among a long list of food allergies, and was wondering if anyone has tried this with the chia or flax egg replacement method?

  73. Silverthorn says

    Just discovered I’m gluten intolerant & can’t eat any carbs either… (joy).. so was really pleased to find this recipe.

    We skipped the microwave step because we FORGOT.. and just added more riced cauliflower to make it less wet. They turned out great!

    Also found rather than making 6 circles, it was easier to press the mixture into a rectangular tin (lined with greaseproof paper) and then cut them into slices :)

    Thanks for the fab idea!!

  74. Sabrina says

    Love this recipe and would like to try it, however, I am a vegan and am wondering if it would work with powdered egg replacement or flax eggs? Have you tried that?

  75. foodgirldc says

    Thank you for posting the recipe and thank you also to those that posted an alternative to the microwave. I don’t have one and it isn’t because I fear it, my apartment simply didn’t come with one, I’m too cheap to buy one, and I don’t want to lose the counter space.

  76. Sara says

    This is a great recipe! I’ve made them a couple of times but I always have an issue. I follow the recipe to a T. My “shells” always stick it the paper when I try to take them off. Any suggestions? I did use wax paper, instead of parchment paper. Does that make a difference?

    • Slim Palate says

      Yes it does make a difference, parchment is a completely different material. I recommend you try it with parchment next time.

  77. says

    This recipe worked well. I didn’t cook the cauli, just riced and then squeezed out the moisture. I served quartered rounds with pesto and pate as an appetizer. My friends liked them and were surprised when I told them they were made with cauliflower. Good work!

    • Slim Palate says

      They refrigerate great so I would imagine that you could certainly make these 1-3 days ahead of time. I recommend saving the browning for when you’re ready to serve them though.

  78. Jesska says

    I wish I did have enough time to try a completely “all around healthy” dish but some folks just have to whip something out and eat in an hour or less. Also, when making a raw, vegan, or paleo dish I hope it sets well in the refrigerator ( I like to play around with my “genre” of foods). I am pretty new to cooking, as well. So the microwave is much easier to use than risking steaming something and it end up falling apart. HAHAHA.

    But besides the fact that some dislike the microwave… I can not wait to try this out. It looks easy and I see so many recipes using cauliflower for pizza crust even. :) Thank you very much. OH!!! and before I forget… how well do these stay in the fridge?
    I made garbanzo bean brownies which were terrific but they ended up getting a little moist in the container throughout the day.

  79. Doug says

    The Paleolithic period, the basis for the Paleo diet, ended around 10,000 years ago. Cauliflower was first grown around 2,000 years ago in Asia Minor and the Mediterranean, adapted from a wild cabbage. And while Cauliflower is hardly the worst among them, the items we’re now calling “Paleo” are taking the idea in the direction of every other fad diet… out of control.

  80. says

    These should never be eaten alone. Not a good taste in my mouth. They should be on the bottom of something yummy….avocado…salsa…eggs…beans…just not alone!!!

    • Lisa says

      They taste like eggs. Makes me wonder if the caulflower is even necessary. They’re basically little disks of egg you can put stuff on. But for the author to say they don’t taste “eggy” I can’t figure out what she did differently. Mine tasted like egg and nothing else.

  81. Rosa says

    Looking at other recipes I added some parmesan and herbs (oregano, basil, tarragon) and it turned out very good.
    The only issue is that I cannot really flip the tortillas after 10 mins. The kinda stick to the sheet. Any advice on that?
    Thank you for the simple recipe :)

  82. Niyama says

    For those wanting an egg replacement, perhaps soaked (overnight) chia seeds will work (instead of flax seeds).
    First I’ll try it with eggs and then I’ll try with chia seeds.
    Looking forward.

  83. Nicky says

    These were super!!! Having grown up in Mexico I wasn’t sure these would do the trick. I was pleasantly surprised. My husband (who also grew up in Mexico) really liked them as did my 5 year old son. In fact the little guy said I needed to make more. Great recipe! I was concerned they may taste eggy but they didn’t. Excellent for tacos as they hold their shape and don’t fall apart. YUM!

  84. says

    Hey, Joshua,
    Thank you for this recipe. I have a special illness and I can only use ingredients like in your recipes, so those are very useful for me. In addition, I own a tiny gastro shop in Budapest with my siblings, where many people ask me about healthy food. I’ve tried some of these recipes, so I will recommend them and your site to them in the future.
    I hope that your book will be available soon in Hungary.
    Keep it up! :)

  85. Torrey says

    Seriously? A recipe for cauliflower tortillas stirs a debate about the safety of microwaves? Ridiculous.

  86. Kel says

    Hi, I tried to skim through most comments, but I’m just wondering if these can be made ahead & frozen . . . so I just have to use one at a time, as needed?

    Thanks for any advice! I can’t wait to try these out!

    • Slim Palate says

      Thank you Joe! Maybe I should add a dankness level rating system instead of a starring one to my recipes.

  87. Lowen says

    Just made these and used for huevos rancheros. Fantastic!!!!!

    Has anyone used them for enchiladas, chilaquiles, baked torta, quesadillas or nachos (can you deep fry after browning)?

  88. heidi says

    Do u think I could make these in bulk and freeze them, do think they would still b good ? If so at what stage might theybest be frozen? good

    • Slim Palate says

      I have never frozen them before, although, they do incredibly well in the fridge so they might do just fine in the freezer.

    • Theresa says

      I would cool them after baking and freeze them. To use them, I would remove from freezer and thaw in microwave then brown them as suggested before use.

  89. Arianna says

    I made these for the first time the other night, followed the recipe exactly. They were AMAZING! mine didn’t hold together quite as good as yours seem to, but despite that I was able to load them up with various things and they substituted the tortillas in taste beautifully! I didn’t find the process to be terribly involved…and good things take work!

  90. hilary says

    You are amazing! I just happened upon your website and scrolled down all the comments. You are so generous with your time and expertise, and so very non-judgemental. I have book-marked your site….you have a new and rather passionate fan.

  91. Bree says

    Just finished making these and I am SO pleased :) I am having a love affair with cauliflower and tortilla shells are one of my most missed food. Can’t wait to try with some other food combos! Thank you!

  92. LLL says

    I’m so happy I found this recipe, the other cauliflower ones I’ve tried never work correctly. I’m sorry to see all the crazy added posts about microwaves. I thought part of paleo was to go back to roots, when we didn’t use the gadgets of convenience that caused the health issues to start with, but to each their own choice, too bad it’s to argue with too much time on their hands. Anyway, I made mine without pre-cooking the cauliflour & it’s perfect. Thanks so much!

    • Buddy says

      Paleolithic man didn’t have stoves, and certainly didn’t have cauliflower (it’s a relatively new cultivar “invented” after humans became agrarian). My point is: If it’s ok to eat things that are not Paleolithic (but still in the spirit of the diet), then it’s ok to use a cooking device that’s not Paleolithic (or if not, I hope you have a fire pit going in your back yard when it’s time to cook dinner. A modern stove (gas or electric), certainly didn’t exist back in the Paleolithic era.

  93. says

    I have too been experimenting a lot with cauliflower. It’s fantastic! I don’t follow a paleo diet but I find some of the recipes to be delicious and super healthy. I will defintily try this tortillas! Can’t wait!

  94. ellen bay says

    Hi. I’ve made these and they turn out well but they WERE a pain to make. Have you thought of putting the cauliflower into a juicer and then using the pulp? I guess if it were too dry you could always add back some of the liquid. It just seems like it would be easier than processing, cooking, cooling, and wringing. If I try it, I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the idea, though.

  95. says

    I made the cauliflower tortillas and turned out great! I put avocado, goat cheese, spinach leaves and red onion in them so good!!!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!!!!

  96. Kayt says

    These look really yummy and versatile. However, I do not own a microwave. Do you have a suggestion for alternative cooking?

  97. says

    I tried this recipe and was very pleased with the result. They’re delicious. I’m wondering how many tortillas you normally get from 2 cups of riced Cauliflower. I got three small ones (about 5″ diameter and 3/8″ thick). I would also like to know what the calorie count would be for the entire recipe.

  98. Jeri says

    I’ve been on a pretty strict diet plan and have had a hard time getting in the 4 cups of veggies a day that I’m supposed to eat. In addition, I missed having bread at lunch for sandwiches. That is, until I discovered cauliflower wraps. I’ve used the same recipe except I add garlic and dill to the recipe. They make a delicious roll up with lunch meat, lettuce, mustard and pickle.

  99. Moshe says

    I’m new to this site! I can’t wait to try these. I have heard of making mashed “potatoes” with cauliflower. I have never heard of riced cauliflower. What is riced? Thank you for your generous time to give us a healthy alternative.

  100. andrew Hodge says

    I steam the riced cauli then I put it in a tea towel and press the water out using a cheese press I picked up at an old junk shop. It comes out like masa flour. I would never use a microwave, there to many if’s and buts. Anyway a cheese press is a great addition to the paleos kitchen for squeezing the water out of veges.

  101. Lily says

    Does anyone knew a way to create these amazing tortillas with something other than eggs?

    This recipe looks and sounds delicious. I have been desperately looking for recipes that fit my current dietary restrictions which are: vegan, low histamine, & gluten-free. I have insane food allergies amongst other health problems (asthma). I can eat any fresh vegetables except tomato, pumpkin, eggplant, and spinach. If anyone could offer a suggestion I would be extremely grateful.

    Food is…hard for me. It scares me. I have seen my mother and brother almost die from food allergy induced anaphylaxis. I just want to eat nice meal with those I care about. At holidays I usually just sit there sipping water. Everyone pressures me the entire time though it has gotten better (like having separate dairy-free mashed potatoes for my mother, brother, and I).

    I would love to be able to cook something delicious that I could share with all of my loved ones. I know everyone would love these tortillas but I have to figure out something to replace the eggs. Just thinking about these cooking in the oven gives me a warm happy feeling. :) I definitely think of cauliflower in a new way after reading this! Many, many thanks!

  102. Anna Vidd says

    Made these last night and… wow. They were beyond belief… love them so much. Wishin’ I had another cauliflower….. THANK YOU for the recipe.

  103. marj w says

    These are terrific!! Texture is wonderful, and the flavor is very mild so doesn’t compete with your toppings.

    Thanks so much – will definitely be making these again!!

  104. Nick Cee says

    YUCK! Nothing magic happens in the preparation process, folks. It takes like cauliflower and egg – straight up. That’s it. If you think these will resemble actual tortillas in anyway, you will be very mistaken. I make 6 exactly as described and ended up throwing three away. You are FAR better off just mashing the c-flower and mixing with butter, cream and salt. Yum.

  105. Andy says

    I made these tonight but added some finely chopped basil to the mix and they were good. I made 2 medium sized tortillas rather then 6 small ones and used them like a taco with mexican lamb and spinach/tomato/salsa. Next time i would make 4 larger ones and use 2 full cauliflower heads. Very happy with the outcome, great recipe!

  106. maria says

    Hi! thank you for nice recipe, is it possible to make cauliflower tortillas without egg? my friend is vegitarian, but she eat cheese, no milk and egs. thank you

  107. amy says

    I am so in love with these tortillas. I rice my cauliflower in a vitamix filled with water because it helps move the florets around for more even ricing. I then pour that straight into a nutbag, throw the drained nutbag into a bowl and microwave it. When its done cooking, I place the nutbag into a potato ricer to squeeze out the liquid. So much easier and faster than squeezing by hand. Plus, you can do it while its still hot!

  108. Fathima Nasmy says

    Wow , can’t wait to try this. Do i have to cook the cauliflower before making it into a rice, or rice it first in a food processor
    and then cook it and drain the water?

  109. Melissa says

    Can the uncooked “dough” be refrigerated for a day or two before use? Also, do the cooked ones
    hold up to freezing at all? Thanks in advance…

    • HeftyJo says

      You can press out the cauliflower tortillas and then put them in a freezer bag separated by parchment sheets. Then, just pull them out when you want them and toss them in the oven.

  110. JS says

    I have never eaten cauliflower. I am very picky but I would like to try an alternative to tortillas. Can anyone out there that has tried this say if it really tastes like a tortilla or does it have a veggie flavor to it?

    • HeftyJo says

      Cauliflower has a pretty mild flavor as far as veggies go. You can mask the flavor even more by putting some of favorite seasoning in with the ‘dough’ or even a 1/4c of Parmesan cheese.

  111. says

    Thanks for Sharing!!!! I made these tonight, cut them into quarters and toasted them in a little sprinkle of salt to make tortilla chips for Nachos! They taste awesome :)

  112. HeftyJo says

    I use a similar recipe for cauliflower pizza crust. I find that if you remove the yolk from one of the eggs it taste less “eggy” if you are worried about that.

  113. says

    I have some news for you. 1. you cannot copyright a recipe because it is a chemical formula and once you change portions or add an ingredient, it is a DIFFERENT chemical formula.
    2. This is NOT your recipe nor ’empowered sustanence”s recipe either. My family are organic farmers since the 1940s (that’s right!) and we have been making cauliflower pancakes (call them tortillas all you want) for the past 500 years maybe longer. In fact, when my recipe sites goes live (not till late fall to coincide with my cookbook release) it will contain at least 50 recipes featuring cauliflower.
    Nice presentation, kid, but never again apologize to ANYONE for a recipe. If you make it your own, and you did, it’s yours. P.S. I self-published my first cookbook at the age of 17, made 7200 bucks (US), split that with the printer/distributor, and used the remainder to move to trek around Europe and Africa for three years. Anything is possible in this life. Enjoy it! You never know when it will be over, and you’ll be moving onto a new adventure on a different plain of existence.

  114. Carmelita says

    My preschooler has just been diagnosed with wheat, egg, diary, oat, corn, food additive, AND DYE allergies.

    I am solo lost. What can I use instead of eggs…


  115. Michele says

    Hi :) Do you know if one can freeze the batter for use later? If you don’t know, I will try it next week and share the results. But if you do know it would help me possibly waste less :)


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