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Praise Roundup For My Cookbook

Please give Slim Palate reviews on his recently released cookbook

Since my cookbook released it has been quite hectic lately. In both a good and bad way, I never knew I could be this busy at 18 years old! Nonetheless It’s a completely surreal experience especially with me going on my book tour now! I’m starting this saturday so come see me March 22nd. I’ll be at Corner Table for a signing so be sure to check out the Eventbrite page to RSVP for that!

In addition to all of these wonderful things happening I’ve also had some people blogging and giving me praise for my book already and I’m humbled by the response so far. By the way, if you have gotten a book from me I would really be grateful if you could leave me a review on Amazon letting me know what you think because reviews within the first week is critical to how the book does and I want to see what everyone is thinking. Anyway, without any more side tracks, here are some of the different posts and reviews of my book so far.

Joshua Weissman of Slim Palate on Fox 26 News

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The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook Tour

Joshua Weissman of Slim Palate is going on a book tour for his new newly released cookbook!So I just recently had the release party for my cookbook  and it was a total blast , even though the weather had us make some last second venue changes. Now, just because the release party is over with doesn’t mean that’s the end of the fun, in fact it’s only just beginning. I’m now going on a book tour thanks to all of the wonderfully generous people who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign I put up (thank you guys so much!!!). I’ll be starting the tour off in Texas in various cities such as Houston, Austin and Dallas. I’ll also be touring, the East Coast, and cities in California.

I know that this is a fraction of this country but I’m also planning on touring areas such as Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Illinois. Who knows, in the future I may even stop by Canada or Australia!

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Cookbook Release Celebration Giveaways

Cookbook-release-GiveawaysSo my cookbook’s release is almost here, in fact it’s only 6 more days from today! Before I get to my explanation I also wanted to say that I will be having a book release party just outside of Houston Texas and you can get Tickets for it NOW on the Eventbrite page here. Anyway, I’m so ecstatic about it that I cannot contain myself and felt the need to do a series of giveaways leading up to it’s release day on March 11th, 2014 to celebrate.

Starting today there will be a new giveaway every day for 5 days up until March 10th, exactly 1 day from my cookbooks release. Anyone living in the US may participate but some of these prizes cannot ship outside of the US.  In order to enter simply choose the giveaway you want to enter in below.

 Note: You can enter all of these giveaways, they will all become available to enter in as the days progress and will all end at the same time.

Click the one you want to enter in below: 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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Why I Wrote The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook And A Project

So as some of you may have seen, I recently uploaded a promo video for my cookbook The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook. First off, I simply cannot thank you guys enough for you endless support. I’m absolutely floored by the heartwarming responses I’ve gotten to the video. Because I got such a wonderful response on that I decided that I would share my reasoning behind writing my book if you didn’t know already. While I was going to write up a post about it, I thought that showing the video actually does a much better job of explaining exactly why I wrote my cookbook than a wall of text.

Please help fund Slim Palate to come out to requested locations for book signings and meeting everyone.

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An Early Delivery (Sneak Peek of My New Cookbook + A Free Recipe)

Slim-Palate-Paleo-Cookbook-Early-DeliverySo may or may not have seen my posts on my social media then I’ve got something super exciting to share with you guys. So excited I had to make a post out of it to capture the moment. I also decided to share a recipe from the book at the bottom of this post just in time for last minute Valentines Day Baking. Anyway, my cookbook The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon. I wasn’t having the best morning that day but then received the email from my publisher saying that it would be there that day in the middle of class. At that point literally nothing could have ruined my day.

Literally nothing actually, I even got rear ended at a stop sign on the way back home from Cross Fit but I was unaffected to full of excitement to be upset. I simply took the guys info down, and rushed home to eat and look at my finished baby. Because yes, it’s absolutely like a baby to me.

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Paleo Chili Garlic Sauce

Chili-Garlic-Sauce-Via-Slim-PalateI’ve been on an asian food kick lately. I don’t know what it is but I’ve just been craving asian food like a pregnant woman craves ice cream and pickles. In fact the pregnant lady joke is completely relevant in my mind since my cookbook is soon to be birthed so maybe that’s all a part of the process. I’m actually supposed to get my early copy and review copies this february, so I’m ecstatic about that. Also you should expect a bibimbap to accompany this recipe later this week because I served this with it. I just decided to make the chili garlic sauce a separate recipe because it deserves it’s own post because it’s a special condiment to me.

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Seared Cauliflower with Hazelnuts and Pomegranate

Seared Cauliflower with Hazelnuts and Pomegranate from Slim PalateCooking method is just as important as the flavoring behind food. Many people know this but I also think that there are some that aren’t aware of this. I’ve seen plenty of dishes that are heavily spiced or seasoned yet aren’t sufficiently browned, or the adornments to the dish aren’t toned down enough through cooking. I’m not saying that everything needs to be browned, but almost any dish can benefit from it especially meat. Colorless but cooked chicken thighs are not an appealing thing to look at. As Gordon Ramsay once said “if there’s no color then there’s no flavor”.

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Le Creuset New Years and Book Celebration Giveaway

Le-Creuset-new-years-and-book-celebration-giveaway-from-Slim-PalateI wanted to kick off the New Years and celebrate the upcoming release of my brand new cookbook with a giveaway for you guys who support me so much from the generous people behind Le Creuset. In my kitchen Le Creuset is an absolute staple when it comes to cookware which exactly why I wanted to pay it forward to you guys by giving away a couple of my favorite pieces from them. The two pieces included in this giveaway are a 5.5 quart Round French oven and an 9.5″ stainless steel frying pan.

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My First Cookbook


So it is with great excitement and pleasure to announce this. I would have never thought when I started this website that it would come to something this great. It all started with a difficult path of being ridiculed, physically harassed and shunned from groups through school and then persevering and losing over 100 pounds. Quickly it flourished into this food blog, a place where I truly felt like I had a voice in the world as a teenager.

I of course had to keep this project a bit of a secret from you guys for a while, but believe me it was torture. I wanted terribly to share it with everyone but I had to contain my excitement and focus on the book. Now I’m incredibly proud to say that The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook is now up for pre-orders and you can reserve your very own copy right here.  The book is set to release March 11th 2014 and you can get your copy pre-ordered NOW on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.. There is also an upside to pre-ordering with Amazon which is the fact that you are guaranteed the lowest rate that they will give you when the shipping time comes and they’ll also lower the price as the pre-orders go up. And if that doesn’t get you going you will also have it right in front of your door before many bookstores have it. You can even set it to have release day delivery and have instant delivery gratification.

My cookbook has over 100 recipes that focus on the use of whole food ingredients that appeal to both the experienced and inexperienced in the kitchen. It’s also an amalgamation of my journey and philosophy on eating healthy and food which is a small accompaniment to the many recipes. So if you love to eat, are interested in learning about eating healthier, or just love to cook then this book is definitely for you. Not to mention if you read my blog, or have tried and enjoyed my recipes I have a fairly good feeling you’ll enjoy my cookbook.

Last, but certainly not least, thank YOU guys for being my constant motivation to push myself.


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Grilled Romaine with Toasted Almonds and Caesar Dressing

Grilled-Romaine-with-Toasted-Almonds-and-Caesar-Dressing-from-Slim-PalateI really like romaine despite the fact that it’s not really the most nutrient dense. I like it more for the sheer pleasure of it’s utter crunchiness and refreshing slight sweetness. A lot of the time I’ll chop it up and just toss it with other veggies and mixed greens but that gets old very quickly. I think that’s what keeps me going when creating recipes. Once I get tired of something I will go to the ends of the earth to find something else. I rarely make things consecutively for several weeks in a row, I just can’t handle it.

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