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A One Day Quickie Gastro Tour In NYC


Once I finished the signings for my cookbook in New Jersey and New York City I still had an entire day left until my flight back home. I promptly woke up in the morning to devise a schedule which really ended up being only one location which was Lobster Joint; recommended by my brother. Other than the threat of being mugged on the way to the place, my lone subway travel was fairly enjoyable. Before you start asking questions about the mugging I’m fairly certain the old guy that was threatening me of this had dementia of some sort, but I’m not entirely sure, I’m totally fine though.


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East Coast Book Tour Eating


If you have been keeping an eye on my social media you might know that I’m on a book tour! Currently I’m on my flight back to Texas from the East Coast part of my book tour, which was slightly shorter than expected due to school. I planned on going to Virginia but sadly my schedule only allowed me to go to New Jersey and New York. Although I’m not complaining at all, it was all worth while.

I started the tour in New Jersey where the kind and wonderful people Dana and Karianne of Guerrilla Fitness let me do a Q&A and book signing at their Morristown location. Lucky for me they helped a ton with promotion even though it was slightly last second.


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A Quick Visit to New York


As I’m sure many of you already know by now, I recently went to New York to go see my brother Nick. Lucky for me he had a plethora of wonderful things planned, all of them food related of course. I was actually quite surprised with how much we actually fit in while I was there. I only stayed for about 4 days and we managed to go to over 14 different places combined in both manhattan and Brooklyn. The first day we made quick trips to several places including probably one of the coolest butcher shops ever by the name of The Meat Hook.


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Chinatown, New York


So this might be a slight shocker to some people but I had no idea that there were other chinatowns. This whole time I thought there was only one in California. I know, how befuddling. I should know thing like this seeing as I used to go there as a kid all the time when I lived in California. My brother and I decided to explore Chinatown while I was in New York, and I guess you could say we had some fairly interesting findings.


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Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Momofuku Ssam Bar visit with Slim PalateI’m a fan of many chefs across the world such as Gordon Ramsay, Paul Bocuse and as a more related one David Chang. Despite the fact that I have all of these influences and chefs that I look up to I had not ever dined at one of their restaurants. I finally got my first chance while I was in New York  I was able to visit one of David Chang’s many Momofuku restaurants.


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As far as it comes to eating clean in Mexico it can be a little bit difficult. Mostly because almost everything there is cooked in vegetable oil, which was contrary to my other thought that most things would be cooked in lard. The counters of most restaurants are littered with empty bottles of it and the supermarket there is stocked to the brim with quite literally a wall of it on the shelves. If it weren’t for that one factor it would be fairly easy to eat clean and control the food in a way to my liking.

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A Hidden Gem in Cozumel


Cozumel is home to many nice little niche areas to eat with quality local fare handled with artisanal care but is slowly becoming commercialized with the onset of frequent tourism. With the commercialization of restaurants popping up you might get fooled into going into a restaurant that looks authentic but really isn’t and is just a part of an organization.


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Los Otates


As I type this I’m currently in Cozumel with ambient light reflecting from the setting sun onto the bright blue water and into my condo living room. I’m have quite a wonderful time seeing all of the culture and tasting all of the wonderful food that Mexico has to offer. It just seems that there are so many places yet so little time to visit when it comes to food around here. So I’m doing my best to make it as impactful and delicious as possible while I’m here.


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Corner Table


Before going to PaleoFX I met up with Bill and Hayley of Primal Palate to dine at Corner Table to get to know them better. At first I was incredibly skeptical and slightly scared to go because I hadn’t eaten out for a few years and wasn’t sure if I was ready for someone else to be handling my food just yet. So I did my research and found that that they not only serve grass fed meats but also serve all local produce and even have a Paleo menu. With my relief I decided to go and the event ended up being a lot of nerdy camera talk and politically correct real food speak, which I love but there was also one key point that I’ll never forget. The food, which was absolutely enchanting in both taste and presentation.


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Austin Texas and PaleoFX 2013 (Part 2)


We met up at some really nice places including a place called Takoba which served an incredible braised pork shoulder that bursted with warm Mexican spices and fell apart to the touch of a fork. If only I could have taken some photos while I was there but I did a wonderful job dropping my camera directly on it’s lens. Luckily it was in front of everyone as well, so that was excellent. But besides that, another incredible place I visited which sadly did not serve sustainable meat to my knowledge was La Barbecue. Even though they Didn’t serve sustainable meat they still keep to a fairly good practice and have some of the greatest barbecue I have had in my life, definitely not something you want to pass up if you get the chance to stop by. But you didn’t think these were the only places I remembered did you?


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