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Herbed Sweet Potato Mash


My family has always had a strong attraction to potatoes of all kinds. Among all the many types of starchy root vegatables known as potatoes, sweet potatoes would seem a more seasonal thing. That is until I realized the nutritional benefits compared to regular potatoes. I’ve personally never been a fan of the sweetened up type of sweet potato dishes out there and not just because I abstain to eating processed sugar but I just find it too sweet. If I’m going to be eating a savory main dish then I want a savory side to go along with it.


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Braised Chuck with Pear, Chocolate and Ginger


One of my favorite cuts of beef (not counting ribeyes or t-bones because those always win automatically) is easily the Chuck roast. It’s forgiving, incredibly flavorful and ridiculously versatile. It’s flavor is massively contributed to by the fact that it’s quite a nicely marbled cut. Although with the marbling and connective tissue that run through this particular cut of meat it usually does better when cooked nice and slowly until delicately tender.


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A Quick Visit to New York


As I’m sure many of you already know by now, I recently went to New York to go see my brother Nick. Lucky for me he had a plethora of wonderful things planned, all of them food related of course. I was actually quite surprised with how much we actually fit in while I was there. I only stayed for about 4 days and we managed to go to over 14 different places combined in both manhattan and Brooklyn. The first day we made quick trips to several places including probably one of the coolest butcher shops ever by the name of The Meat Hook.


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