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Chinatown, New York


So this might be a slight shocker to some people but I had no idea that there were other chinatowns. This whole time I thought there was only one in California. I know, how befuddling. I should know thing like this seeing as I used to go there as a kid all the time when I lived in California. My brother and I decided to explore Chinatown while I was in New York, and I guess you could say we had some fairly interesting findings.


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Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Momofuku Ssam Bar visit with Slim PalateI’m a fan of many chefs across the world such as Gordon Ramsay, Paul Bocuse and as a more related one David Chang. Despite the fact that I have all of these influences and chefs that I look up to I had not ever dined at one of their restaurants. I finally got my first chance while I was in New York  I was able to visit one of David Chang’s many Momofuku restaurants.


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Whole Roasted Salmon with Grapefruit and Leeks


I really like salmon, especially if it has proper crispy skin while maintaining a delicate and moist flesh. Something about keeping the skin on helps keep it moist on the inside, kind of like a little protective steamer shell. Once I made that discovery I practically always eat my salmon with the skin on because I genuinely enjoy it and it’s somewhat  difficult to beat perfectly cooked salmon in my opinion when it comes to fish.

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Spiced Sweet Potato Rounds


A while back I was talking with my mom about whether or not you can eat sweet potato skins. They look fairly leather like which to me seems like a visual deterrent to eat it. Although every time I would bake them in the oven I noticed one of the most alluring and fragrant parts of it was the skin. After I had eaten a sweet potato I noticed a perfuming sweet scent that always drifted from the sweet potato skin even though all of the flesh had been eaten. You know me and being swooned by various scents so I had to find out.


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Spatchcocked Braise-Roasted Chicken


Now there is a downside to having all of your meat frozen and being a meat eater like me. I end up halting myself and thinking oh great, I forgot to defrost something for lunch or dinner. With an hour before it’s time to eat I do everything in my power to defrost something as quickly as possible. This is not fun, nor is it something I like to practice. So I try to have some sort of left over in the fridge I can easily warm up or whip out in case of emergency.


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How to make Ghee

How to Make Ghee from Slim Palate

I recently have been rather obsessed with using ghee for a lot of my higher heat cooking. Now I know the name ghee might sound odd or unusual but it’s actually just one of the many names for clarified butter. Clarified butter is what you get when you seperate the milk solids and water from butter leaving only the pure golden butterfat. This allows you to cook at a higher heat for a longer period of time without having to worry about it burning. Because ghee is also just butterfat and mainly saturated it has a fairly high smoke point, making it quite useful for high heat cooking such as searing or roasting for a long period of time.


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Mustard Salmon and a Giveaway!

Mustard Salmon

Lucky for me I have this great mailman who brings me a bunch of surprise cookbooks to my doorstep every couple of weeks or so. It’s like a cookbook gun is being set up somewhere near my doorstep and firing cookbooks in my general direction. I suppose if  that was the case I’ll start wearing eye protection (or groin protection) when I start going out. Lucky for me this book didn’t hit me in the face or in the groin. In fact it did the quite opposite, it didn’t really “hit me” but it has made a bunch of really surprisingly delicious meals for me out of simple ingredients.


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As far as it comes to eating clean in Mexico it can be a little bit difficult. Mostly because almost everything there is cooked in vegetable oil, which was contrary to my other thought that most things would be cooked in lard. The counters of most restaurants are littered with empty bottles of it and the supermarket there is stocked to the brim with quite literally a wall of it on the shelves. If it weren’t for that one factor it would be fairly easy to eat clean and control the food in a way to my liking.

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