Rooibos Poached Apricots with Thyme


If you’ve never had poached apricots then I feel really sorry for you. You’ve never truly enjoyed an apricot until you’ve poached it. The magic behind this method is not only softening up the apricots a bit but once you’ve poached them you can then reduce the poaching liquid into a delicious fruity syrup to coat your apricots. It’s the next best thing right behind cookies and unicorns; for eating fruit that is.


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Thai Jicama Salad


To be more accurate in terms of tradition, this salad would typically use green papaya. Unfortunately it’s a lot more difficult to find than I anticipated. I initially bought a papaya that was in fact green but as soon as I cut into it the inside was still slightly orange and for the most part: ripe.


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Blackberry Pie Bars

Blackberry-Pie-Bars-from-SLim-PalateA couple days ago I received a message from Emily Shlobohm who ran a small family owned farm with her husband Rick that sells mainly to restaurants. Well, actually it was a reminder message because they had already messaged me a while before that and I sort of accidentally forgot. I wasn’t going to let it pass me up again so I went ahead and visited their farm.


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Mango Lassi Popsicles


Summer is nearing us and I’m sure everyone is happily welcoming it. Likely most of them with visions of warm beaches, swimwear, and hopefully popsicles. By popsicles I mean these popsicles, I mean come on I trekked an hour out to go to Williams Sonoma to find these popsicle molds. Apparently there are no other places that seem to carry any popsicle molds that look classic that aren’t online.


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Charred Shishito Peppers

Charred-Shishito-Peppers-From-Slim-PalateThese past few weeks for me have been very meditative and full of thought. Many changes are happening for me, all of which are difficult to deal with at first but are for the better. College has been further postponed for me since none of the colleges I applied to accepted me. Possibly postponed forever, I haven’t fully decided yet.


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