Europe Trip: Athens, Greece

View-of-acropoliMatti and I spent one day in Bari, Italy since we had to take the Ferry out from there to Patras and then take a bus from Patras to Athens. While relaxing in our Hostel in Bari we met another traveling couple, Sven and Manuela from Germany, that mentioned they were also going to Athens. Since they were taking the same Ferry to Athens we traded numbers, and decided to go on a walking tour with them the next day. Also as a quick warning, you will see more than one greek salad in posts about Greece and I’m unashamed of that.

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Europe Trip: Naples, Italy

Citrus-truckNaples is our last destination we have on our list in Italy so we plan to move on to Greece after this one. For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram I’m actually extremely behind on post updates of where I am so I’ll just cut to the chase here.


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Europe Trip: Rome, Italy


The trek to our Airbnb host spot was a fast and easy one since we were lucky enough to be picked up by our super awesome host Costa. As soon as well got settled in we were promptly greeted by one of my mother’s best friends, Laura, whom I’ve only heard great tales of but had never met before. Exhausted from travel but far too excited to lay still we changed out of our overly sweaty travel clothes and into some nice clean ones.


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Europe Trip: Florence, Italy


We arrived in Florence in the afternoon, rather weary from our travels, so we lounged in the hostel kitchen for a couple of hours and began to converse with two people that happened to be doing the same. We spoke of our travels thus far as well as our plans for whats next. They told us about the market close to our Hostel, Mercato Centrale that had two levels to it, a farmers market below and a series of small eateries above. With a combination like that I absolutely had to make that our first stop the following day.


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Europe Trip: Venice, Italy


Well here is location that I know most people would get excited about. I know I was especially excited to visit this location because my parents have this painting that I absolutely adore of a gondola on the water that they got in Italy and it’s always perpetuated this wonderful thought in my mind of Venice that’s made me want to visit so badly.


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Europe Trip: Avignon, France


Matti and I planned to go to another part of Spain after Barcelona but I recalled receiving an email from someone in another area of France to stay with so we decided to re-route to that destination. Our host Jonas found out about me through his mom, one of my avid readers. If you’re an avid reader, live in Europe, and have a place for us to stay as well please email me!

We arrived rather late at night so we actually planned to go to the farmers market the next day to get ingredients for a meal.


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Europe Trip: Barcelona, Spain


At this point in this trip I realized that it is wise to take a part of the first day to go to the market and supply ourselves with food. Tight budgets don’t always allow us to eat out all the time. The idea is that if we want to eat out at an expensive but nice spot we can simply cook food the day before to save up a little extra euros to spend the following day at said restaurant.


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Europe Trip: Paris, France


After a seemingly never ending 10-hour flight, my girlfriend and I finally arrived in sunny Paris. This location being the start of a great 2-month adventure through Europe with Eurail pass in one hand and food in the other. Despite running off of about 2 hours of sleep I was content with what lied ahead. We met up with my now good friend Damian whom coincidentally emailed me regarding eating Paleo in France. Apparently there is growing population of Paleo folks in France, slowly but nonetheless, growing.


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Salted Caramel Apple Tartlets


Well, I will be departing soon for Europe, four days from now to be exact. The excitement and pressure is mounting but I’m confident everything will go over wonderfully. In case those of you who didn’t know from my last post I’ll be there for about 2 months with a Eurail pass so if you think you might have a place for me to stay while I’m there please email me. For those of you in the states I hope you find some time to live vicariously through me since I’ll be blogging every bit of it, and yes recipes will be included in some as well. Don’t forget I have a new email subscription set up so you can subscribe to that and get updates on where I am, what I’m eating, recipes, etc. and you can sign up here or sign up on the sidebar on my website.


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Heirloom Tomato Pizza Margherita

Heirloom Tomato Pizza Margherita Via Slim Palate

Before we get started I actually wanted to let everyone know that my cookbook is now available in Costco stores! This is a big deal and the more that they sell the more they will buy, so let’s try to sell out at all of their locations. I have the list of locations at the bottom of this post so please go check that out and get a copy for yourself if you haven’t already or grab one for a friend or family member.

Things have been incredibly busy in my neck of the woods since I’ll be leaving for Europe soon. My girlfriend and I purchased tickets to depart on September 2nd so obviously we are entirely rapturous about the trip. We will be there for about 2 months with a Eurail pass so we aren’t really limited to any locations as long as they are within the confines of Europe.  Actually, if anyone on here lives in Europe and has an extra room, or bed for us to stay for a few days while I’m there I would be incredibly grateful. We might even get a chance to cook a few meals too, just email me at the email on my contact page.


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