My 2 Month Europe Trip Video

As many of you may already know I recently got back from a 2 month trip to Europe. I covered every last detail here on my blog, but I also wanted to compile a quick and fun video for your viewing pleasure. So without further adieu here is my video from my 2 month trip to Europe.


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Leeks with Mustard-Bacon Vinaigrette

Leeks-with-Mustar-Bacon-VinnaigretteI’ve been food blogging now for almost two years now, and I have certainly learned a lot about food, photography and writing. It even turned into my very own cookbook, which I’m very proud of. Despite my immense weight loss and love for food motivating me to start a food blog, I truly must admit that it was a couple influential bloggers that actually helped make that final push to put it in inaction. David Lebovitz, and Michael Ruhlman were the very first food blogs that I had ever read and tried recipes from, and they were the initial fire starters for me.


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Slim Palate 2014 Holiday Gift Guide + Ideas


I never thought of doing a gift guide but seeing as I’ve been getting some email requests for one I figured I would go ahead and post one. Which ever Holiday you might be celebrating I would like to be here to help you in finding a gift for your friends and family members so here is my compiled 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.


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English Muffins + A Giveaway


Well it’s official, nothing is impossible so long as there is a will. I just received a an early release copy of Every Last Crumb (which I’m also giving away at the bottom of this post) from my friend Brittany Angell and I’ve got to say that I’m pretty blown away. She has recipes ranging from breads to croissants, that’s right croissants, they’re all paleo, and some are allergy friendly. With that said you know that I had to share a recipe from the book with everyone here.


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Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Shallots


So I thought I would come back home from Europe with my mind booming with ideas for food, which it was, but the pathway to getting to a finished product was slightly dulled. I wanted to do one more recipe for Thanksgiving but I couldn’t think of anything that I actually wanted to do. My girlfriend Matti insisted (she didn’t really give me a yes or no option) that I do green bean casserole, one of her very favorites.


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