Sweet Chili Chicken Wings


I really don’t like the saying “Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing!” because chicken wings are actually very important to me. So don’t say those kinds of things to me or around me because I might get upset. By upset I mean murmur intensely angry things about the life choices you have made about chicken wings. Like…get your chicken wing game together please.


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Watermelon Salad with Whipped Feta


Summer has not come to a stop yet in Texas. It’s been a good 103 degrees fahrenheit here at a constant, the lows being at 90 at night. Pretty much you can’t go outside without getting drenched in sweat whether you are doing physical labor or not. With that said staying inside and cooking typically keeps me cool and going to work out tends to be my most uncomfortable moment since my gym is based inside a warehouse.


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Mini Blueberry Galettes


Recently I have been in a bit of a shadow in the blogosphere. Honestly it was a rough combination of it becoming the time for my life to truly begin to come to fruition (despite my already wonderful achievements), many of my friends moving on as well, and a new relationship with a girl for almost 3 months whom is now leaving for college in England. I spent a while trying determine on what my next move should be so I also spent a week in NYC to decipher whether I should move there or not. You can see where I went there if you follow me on Instagram.


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Thai Red Curry


Alright so I posted a teaser recently on my instagram on fourth of july about some cute little galettes that I made. The recipe for those will have to wait because I had to first share this absolutely wonderful recipe for a thai red curry from the new cookbook Paleo Takeout by my buddy Russ at The Domestic Man. This book is not playing around and is filled to the brim with excellent takeout favorites including one of my favorites, thai red curry.


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Rooibos Poached Apricots with Thyme


If you’ve never had poached apricots then I feel really sorry for you. You’ve never truly enjoyed an apricot until you’ve poached it. The magic behind this method is not only softening up the apricots a bit but once you’ve poached them you can then reduce the poaching liquid into a delicious fruity syrup to coat your apricots. It’s the next best thing right behind cookies and unicorns; for eating fruit that is.


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